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IW top right icon IWZtricon
"Full-auto energy rifle. Hold Triangle/Y to split the rifle into Akimbo auto-pistol mode for close quarters combat. Features the highest fire rate in class."
— In-game description.
Type-2 menu icon IW


Damage Multipliers

Headshot ICON Symbol

Weapon Class

Assault Rifle

Magazine Size

35 rounds (SP & MP)
32 rounds (ZM)


Level 22 (MP)
Level 32 (ZM)

Cost (Zombies)

$950 (via the Magic Wheel)

Starting Ammunition

35 + 61 (MP) (35/35 +122 in Akimbo)

Maximum Ammunition

35 + 140 (SP) (35/35 + 280 in Akimbo, 7/7 + 56 in Akimbo Shotguns)
35 + 192 (MP) (35/35 + 384 in Akimbo)
32 + 288 (ZM) (32/32 + 288 in Akimbo)

Rate of Fire

836 RPM

Range (explanation)

5 shots to kill until 57 meters, 6 shots afterwards




N/A (Reflects)

Fire Mode


Used by

Special Combat Air Recon
Settlement Defense Front

HUD icon

Type-2 HUD Icon IW

The Type-2 (known as the MOD2 in pre-release) is a Fujiwara energy assault rifle in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The only other Assault Rifle that beats it in terms of rate of fire is the OSA, making the description somewhat misleading.


The Type-2 appears frequently, commonly dropped SDF troopers. The Type-2 is one of the more versatile weapons in the game, killing most human enemies in 5-6 shots, although difficulty can be a factor in enemy resistance. It is part of the recommended loadout for the mission Operation Dark Quarry, where it comes with a Scout sight, Foregrip and Particle Amp.

Like most energy weapons, it deals more damage against robotic enemies.

When all side missions are completed, the Type-2 unlocks the Akimbo Shotguns upgrade, which turns both akimbo pistols into short-range energy shotguns.


The Type-2 is a fully automatic Assault Rifle unlocked at level 22. The Type-2 has very modest damage - 23 damage per shot even at point blank, or 5 shots to kill. It has a minimal headshot multiplier, requiring every single shot fired to be a headshot to reduce the number of bullets to kill. It has low-moderate recoil, bested only by the NV4, and has very clear iron sights, combined with an integral ELO Sight featuring a green Double Dot reticle.

It features a fast fire rate at roughly 800 RPM, bested only barely by the OSA (although the OSA also deals more damage at the cost of much higher recoil). The Type-2 features a unique ability to be able to be split into dual wielded machine pistols with reduced damage, firing at a combined rate of fire of roughly 1400 RPM, making it very deadly at close range. Alternatively, the Type-2 has the longest damage drop-off range at 56 meters, making it very consistent, unless shooting across the map. Without Dexterity however, the Type-2 sports a sluggish reload in Assault Rifle mode. Because the weapon is a hybrid weapon, the VMC sight is not a very good choice on the Type-2, seeing as multi-mode attachments contradict the duality of hybrid weapons, and therefore the attachment's mode cannot be changed. It can sometimes be viable, seeing as the hybrid Akimbo mode of the Type-2 somewhat negates the unwieldy increase to zoom by the VMC sight in close quarters combat.

The March 10th, 2017 patch increased the fire rate and decreased the recoil of the Type-2 whilst it is in Assault Rifle mode, bolstering its long-range capabilities and close-range power. However, the Type-2 was also given an increased hipfire spread whilst in Akimbo mode, reducing its long range usability whilst being dual wielded.[1]



  • Reflex - Unlocked at weapon level 1.
  • Scout - Unlocked at weapon level 4.
  • Trojan - Unlocked at weapon level 7.
  • VMC - Unlocked at weapon level 9.
  • Thermal - Unlocked at weapon level 11.
  • ELO - Integral, Unlocked at weapon level 14.



Name Rarity Gun Perks Cost (Salvage) Notes
Frenetic Common Steady 200
Double Fisted Common Lights Out 200
Impulse Rare Deathbringer, Stockpile 500
Counterfeit Rare Refund, Sharpshooter 500
Atomic Legendary Nuclear, Low Rider 2000
Enforcer Legendary Gambler, Sharpshooter 2000
Butcher Epic Eighty Seven, Readiness 4000


The Type-2 is available from the Magic Wheel for 950 points. It can also be found on the wall in Rave in the Redwood for 1250 points. It is available for customization at level 32. Early on in Infinite Warfare's life cycle, it was found that equipping the Fusion mag on the Type-2 allowed it to actually regenerate ammunition out of thin air. This was later patched, so the Fusion mag is in line with the other Energy Weapons, taking bullets from the reserve.

A strange glitch occurs when alternating the modes of the Type-2. As the weapon breaks into two, the magazine sizes of the seperate SMGs remain the same. However, when reverting back to Assault Rifle mode, the magazine size is doubled. This is very potent after upgrading the Type-2, as around 100 rounds will be available for the player to dispense.


For camouflage images, see Type-2/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see Type-2/Attachments.
For variant images, see Type-2/Variants.

References Edit

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