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Type 97 (sniper rifle)

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For another variant, see Type 99 "Arisaka".
For the assault rifle of the same name, see Type 97 (assault rifle).
For the tank of the same name, see Type 97 (vehicle).
For other uses, see Type.

The Type 97 is a Japanese bolt-action sniper rifle that appears in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS).

Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS)Edit

Type 97
Weapon Class

Bolt-Action Rifle

Magazine Size

5 rounds

Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time


Rate of Fire




Fire Mode


Used by

Japanese army

The Type 97 is used by Japanese snipers in multiplayer. With the exception of the ammo capacity and firing sound, it is functionally the same as all other sniper rifles in the game.


  • The rifle operates continuously if the trigger is held long enough. This works on any sniper rifle.
  • The rifle is wrapped in what appears to be a basic ghillie material for camouflage.
  • The Type 97 has the worst hipfire accuracy of any other sniper rifles.

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