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U.S. Army Rangers
Rangers logo
Modern Warfare 2 Rangers Spawn Theme
Leader(s) Overlord (G.C)

H. Shepherd (L.T.G) †
Foley (SGT)

Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Country United States
Type Special Operations
Engagements World War III
Active 1974–Present
1st Battalion formed June 19th, 1942
Motto Sua Sponte ("Of Their Own Accord")

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

The US Army Rangers are one of six multiplayer factions. They are also one of two playable factions in the game's campaign. They fought in Afghanistan for a while until they were transferred back to the United States to stop a Russian invasion. The Rangers' campaign is lived first through the eyes of Joseph Allen (for the levels "S.S.D.D." and "Team Player") and then James Ramirez for the rest of the US missions. Both are members of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and are squad-mates with key characters Sgt. Foley and Cpl. Dunn.
US Army Rangers mw2

US army ranger's emblem in Single Player, shown in 3D (Modern Warfare 2).

The Rangers were under the command of General Shepherd. The Rangers wear Army Combat Uniforms (in Universal Camouflage Pattern) and plate carriers colored in "Ranger Green."


Assault Rifles Edit
Submachine GunsEdit
Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit



Prominent MembersEdit

To see The full list of members see - U.S. Army Rangers/Members

Multiplayer MapsEdit

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

The Rangers appear in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 mission "Black Tuesday" alongside Delta Force. They are seen briefly in the beginning of the mission. Rangers are assigned as a Q.R.F. (Quick Reaction Force) for Team Metal in the mission "Bag and Drag". They play a larger role in the mission "Goalpost" where they help Delta Force assault Hamburg to recapture the vice president, are seen in "Scorched Earth", supporting Team Metal with three Leopard 2 tanks and can be played as in the Special Ops missions, Negotiator and Special Delivery.


Assault RiflesEdit
Grenade LaunchersEdit


Prominent MembersEdit


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

Multiplayer QuotesEdit

  • "Rangers lead the way." - Once a Multiplayer Match begins.
  • "Tango down!"- Killed an enemy.
  • "Target Neutralized!" - Killed an enemy with an explosive.
  • "Popping Smoke!"- When throwing smoke.
  • "Frag out!"- When throwing a Fragmentation grenade.
  • "GRENADE!" - When an enemy grenade lands near by.
  • "Tossing a flashbang!" - After throwing a flashbang.
  • "Flash out!" - After throwing a flashbang.
  • "Tossin' stun grenade!" - After throwing a stun.
  • "Planting Claymore!" - After planting a Claymore.
  • "Throwing C4!" - After throwing/planting C4.
  • "Changing Mag!" - Reloading.
  • "Cover me, I'm reloading!" - Reloading.
  • "Reloading!" - Reloading.
  • "Your work is appreciated. Well done." - When the U.S. Army Rangers win in Multiplayer.
  • "That's how it's done. Nice job, Rangers." - When the U.S. Army Rangers win in Multiplayer.
  • "Mission accomplished. Well done." - When the U.S. Army Rangers win in Multiplayer.
  • "We're not here to lose. Bring it, Rangers." - When the U.S. Army Rangers lose in Multiplayer.
  • "Mission failed, bring it next time." - When the U.S Army Rangers lose in Multiplayer.
  • "Defeated. Don't let this happen again." - When the U.S. Army Rangers lose in Multiplayer.
  • " Hardcore Global-Thermo-Nuclear War. " - When a match starts playing Hardcore Global-Thermo-Nuclear War. (Only available in modded lobbies.)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit


  • The "victory" and "defeat" themes for the Rangers are different excerpts from the same soundtrack. Both come from the "endrun" portion of the soundtrack for "Whiskey Hotel".
  • When playing as the Rangers online, the player will sometimes have a GPS, or watch attached to their arm where he can see it.
  • The player can buy a Ranger uniform for their Xbox Live Avatar for 400 Microsoft points
  • When playing sudden death game types such as Search and Destroy, when all of the Rangers have been eliminated the ending result says "U.S. Army Eliminated" instead of "Rangers Eliminated."
  • The Briefing for "Black Tuesday" shows that the 75th Rangers are fighting in central Manhattan alongside the 2nd Marine Division.

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