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UDM Model IW
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

14 rounds (21 w/ Extended Mag)


· Kill 200 enemies with pistols with an optic equipped and a weapon accessory earned through weapon prestige (MP)
· Obtained via Supply Drops
· Obtained via Magic Wheel (ZM)

Cost (Zombies)

950 points (Magic Wheel)
750 points

Starting Ammunition

14+42 (MP), 14+140 (ZM)

Maximum Ammunition

14+122 (MP), 14+140 (ZM)

Fire Mode

Semi-automatic (Stalker variant only)

HUD icon


"Full-auto ballistic pistol built from modular pieces. This configuration has a slow fire rate but high damage that is effective at longer ranges."
— In-game description

The UDM (known in pre-release as the Maverick[1], and as the UDM45 in the game files) is a fully-automatic bullpup handgun featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is available via a challenge or by a Supply Drop, while its variants can only be obtained via Supply Drops. The weapon was added to the game on February 28th, 2017.[2]


The UDM is an advanced modular full-auto Machine Pistol, unlocked via a challenge that requires the player to get 200 kills with a pistol using an optic and a non-supply drop weapon accessory. It is versatile and strong overall, allowing it to be very competitive when compared to the other pistols, and can even be compared to Submachine Guns in terms of effectiveness.

The UDM has many positivities, such as being ammo efficient (courtesy of a lower fire rate), decent damage, above average range for a pistol, controllable recoil, and an integrated optic. These allow the weapon to be an excellent performer at mid range, which means that players using this weapon as a backup will have a lower need of requiring a mid range weapon, such as an assault rifle.


The UDM was added to the Magic Wheel on Zombies in Spaceland and Rave in the Redwoods, alongside the R-VN. However, the player cannot customize the weapon until the player has obtained it once from the Magic Wheel. In Shaolin Shuffle and Attack of the Radioactive Thing, it appears on the wall for 750 points.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Sandy Balls. When Pack-a-Punched again once the Alien Fuses have been installed into the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Geoffin' Around.


"Semi-auto ballistic pistol built from modular pieces. This configuration is equipped with a sniper scope and outputs sniper-class damage in a lightweight package."
— In-game description for the UDM - Stalker
Name Rarity Gun Perks Cost (Salvage) Notes
Fleet Common Readiness 200
Bonanza Rare Jackpot, Stockpile 500
Mod-3 Legendary Hitman, Creeper 2000
Stalker Epic Sniper Mod, Readiness 4000 Fire mode: Semi-automatic


  • U-DM45 and "Auto Compact" can be seen written on the slide.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods in the recreation area on the statue near the top of it you can see the UDM.



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