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United States Marine Corps (USMC)
Call of Duty - World at War 2
Logo found in Call of Duty: World at War
Leader(s) Gordon (World War II),
Oliver L. North (Cold War)
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Country United States
Type Marine combined arms
Engagements World War II
Cold War
Second Cold War
Active November 10th, 1775 – Present
Motto Semper Fidelis (Always faithful)

In GameEdit

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

Main article: Marine Raiders

The USMC during World War II is portrayed in Call of Duty: World at War. In the beginning, C. Miller, who is part of a reconnaissance team is captured with his team mates on Makin Atoll by the Imperial Japanese Army. Almost a week later, another Marine Raider team led by Sergeant Sullivan and Corporal Roebuck comes to rescue him. After Miller and some other survivors are freed, the squad make their way through the island to destroy an ammunition deposit and eventually escape on boats. Two years later, Sullivan, Roebuck and Miller are now part of the invasion of Peleliu among the 1st Marine Division. After two months of fighting on Peleliu, and losing Sullivan during the landing, "The Old Breed" head for Okinawa, where the final American versus Japanese land battle would take place.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

Marines appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops, in the missions "S.O.G.", "The Defector", "Crash Site", "Victor Charlie", "Payback" and "Redemption". They wear the standard olive-drab uniforms of the time, they appear to be Marine Force Recon in "Victor Charlie" as they wear tiger-stripe camouflage uniforms instead of the olive-drab uniform.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Edit

While not directly seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North from the United States Marine Corps is seen in a cutscene alongside Jason Hudson in asking Alex Mason for assistance.

List of Known MembersEdit

Prominent MembersEdit

World War IIEdit
Cold WarEdit

Supporting MembersEdit

World War IIEdit
Cold WarEdit

Arms and Equipment (World War II)Edit



Arms and Equipment (Vietnam War)Edit




Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit


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