Lee Doyle is a fith charecter in zombies.
Lee doyle

Lee Doyle

back story

He was a paratrooper in ww2 and saw it all from Dunkirk to normandy.He was supposed to land at pegesus bridge with price and the SAS but was blown off coarse and landed in a luftwaffe air base but he was hated by the gaurds after he told bad joke after another and eventually he was sent to der reise to be tested on by richtofen.


"do we have to" -start of a game

"friends neighbours ladies gentlemen im a gentlemen goodie" -a refrence to the pack a punch jingle

"for the king" -random

"seg heil in hell" -random

"ka bloody BOOM!!!!!" -after getting the nuke

"aww knickers" -after getting downed

"thanks but i still hate you" -after getting revied by takeo or richtofen

"a monkey he reminds me of bruma" -after getting the cymble monkey

"wonder waffe sounds dangerous like me" -after getting the wonder waffe

"ahh my favorite did you miss me i missed you " after buying the sten

"whats wrong takeo low on oil hehehehe" -random

"i just want to kill zombies now i can with this" -random

"if the queen says im beeing knighted i wont show up i will still be here" -random

"jugga nog" -after buying juggernog

"my my this looks to fun even for me" -after getting the ray gun

"for price" -random

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