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  • I live in Cybertron
  • My occupation is Decepticon leader
  • I am a Decepticon
  • 'Megatron'

    Since they say there will never be a COD game with mechs in real life, I decided to make my own fanfic game here.

    Call of Duty 2023 is a 3rd-person shooter spinoff of the Call of Duty series. Unlike the previous Call of Duty games, this one takes place in the future. It is for Xbox 360 and PS3. It features Geo-Mod 2.0, the most realistic destruction engine to date(Yes, Geo Mod 2.0 is real).

    Taking place a decade after Modern Warfare 3, It has been years since the Russian invasion. Technology has advanced rapidly. Now, the US has giant mechs that they can use to fend off enemy invasions. But then, when the US Marines thinks they can relax, the Russians return, stronger than ever. This time, they have mechs of their own, and they destroy New Y…

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  • 'Megatron'

    Greetings, humans of Earth. I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. This is the first edition of Decepticon news. Usually, I like to stay on topic with the wiki's topic, but the news blogs and blog series in general I have frequently seen have inspired me to start a series of my own dedicated to us Decepticons. Now, on with the article.

    I am aware that today is Second in Command Appreciation Day. It is a day where you celebrate and appreciate your sidekick or Second in Command. And since Starscream is my Second in Command, I found a video for this day. Here's Starscreams video compliation(I did NOT make it. I'm just using it). I did NOT make this. I'm just using it. Happy SIC appreciation day Starscream.

    Be sure to check on my blog for the…

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  • 'Megatron'

    Greetings, insects of Earth. Megatron here again with another great idea for a Call of Duty game. I have 2 of them actually.

    Idea #1

    I was told on here that Modern Warfare 3 WON'T have destructible enviroments(I swear I think they do because I read it online). But I think they actually SHOULD add it, because considering the rocket launchers and missiles fired arouind would make it more realistic and cool. Plus, a lot of people like destructible environments, like me.

    Idea #2

    You can use tanks, helicopters and vehicles in COD(you can, right?)They should add something new and different into the call of duty series:

    That's right. MECHS. Giant robot fighting machines that can be used to overwhelm the enemy with SHEER BRUTE FORCE! With Mechs, you ca…

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  • 'Megatron'

    Something happened to the original page. It disappeared for some reason, so I'm remaking it.

    Hello. It is I, Megatron. Everyone is aware Modern Warfare 3 will have destructible enviroments right? So, what if it had FREE ROAM to go with it. Think about it. You could roam freely through the city and you can do whatever you want. You can destroy things, blow up traffic and more. Do you think this is a good idea? Say yes or no here and why.

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  • 'Megatron'

    Greetings, humans. I am Megatron. I have wrote this blog post to introduce myself. I am new here, and I want to do as much as I possibly can to contribute here. I know what your'e thinking: Why would a Transformer like me be on this Wiki when I can be on a Transformers Wiki. Well, Transformers wikis are very inactive and I like active wikis. So, yeah. Just wanted to introduce myself. I usually like to make blogs, but when a page is in need of editing, I think I'll be able to do it, if I can. I don't know much about Call of Duty, BUT I'm hoping to LEARN about it. Sometimes, I might make a blog about a plan to destroy the Autobots and take over Earth, but yeah, I'll see what I can contribute too.


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