Greetings, humans of Earth. I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. This is the first edition of Decepticon news. Usually, I like to stay on topic with the wiki's topic, but the news blogs and blog series in general I have frequently seen have inspired me to start a series of my own dedicated to us Decepticons. Now, on with the article.

I am aware that today is Second in Command Appreciation Day. It is a day where you celebrate and appreciate your sidekick or Second in Command. And since Starscream is my Second in Command, I found a video for this day. Here's Starscreams video compliation(I did NOT make it. I'm just using it). I did NOT make this. I'm just using it. Happy SIC appreciation day Starscream. Be sure to check on my blog for the next episode of Decepticon news, coming soon(NOT today, though. Some other time when I get the chance) -Megatron

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