Greetings, insects of Earth. Megatron here again with another great idea for a Call of Duty game. I have 2 of them actually.

Idea #1

I was told on here that Modern Warfare 3 WON'T have destructible enviroments(I swear I think they do because I read it online). But I think they actually SHOULD add it, because considering the rocket launchers and missiles fired arouind would make it more realistic and cool. Plus, a lot of people like destructible environments, like me.

Idea #2

You can use tanks, helicopters and vehicles in COD(you can, right?)They should add something new and different into the call of duty series:


That's right. MECHS. Giant robot fighting machines that can be used to overwhelm the enemy with SHEER BRUTE FORCE! With Mechs, you can blow up entire buildings with ease and you can kill hoards of enemies. They'll only be used in a few levels, not so many, but you can use them online when you find them. Being in a mech would convert the screen to Third-person. With mechs, you will DOMINATE the battlefield.

So, what do you think. I hope your reading this people who create the games, I hope you add these in future COD games.

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