• Žirovski

    Crysis 2

    March 14, 2010 by Žirovski

    The most graphically advanced shooter to date, is returning. From jungle to jungle, so to speak. Crysis is replacing bushes and trees

    with buildings and roads. The time to shoot aliens while wearing nanosuit, this time advanced version, is coming. I believe it will be

    worth of money I am collecting for it. What do you think? I really wish to hear your opinon and what do you expect this game will look

    like. First off all, don't give "It's not realistic" lecture. Crysis will never be realistic. It is just complex gamplay, visually beautiful

    exerience. Very huge levels, with most advanced AI the enemy has ever had. This time you will be able to atack the enemy from

    all sides. How do I mean? Not just from left or right, from behind or front. I mean…

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