• (SoA) Rauvin

    Multiplayer CoD

    January 8, 2010 by (SoA) Rauvin

    I would love to see a better set up for multiplayer action. I am sorry, but starting over with nothing again every time I want to move up prestige. Yea there is a price, but along with a price there should be a prize for doing it. 10 Levels of prestige and players have to start over every time.

    Yea I have only made it to the first rank of prestige and am all ready getting bored playing through the levels again. Do I really want to do this 10 times!!!

    Realistic weapons would be a great idea, but I do not see it happening. More hitpoints or better body armor as you level up. I mean you spend your time learning the map, finding all the spots, learning tactics and some level 1 private gets lucky with a shot and kills you. But I think this would …

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