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Denizens Of The Forest Theory

Hello, and welcome to this theory page on the Call Of Duty Wiki theory blog. This theory will be based on the "Denizens of the Forest", a new enemy added in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies mode. Some people think they are just strange zombies, or that they are those creatures in the Capsules in Black Ops I's Kino Der Toten. I don't believe that they are zombies, and I will go further into that later. Nor do I think they are in the Kino Der Toten capsules, due to a different facial structure. For more information on the enemies themselves, check out the page here:

There is another idea that the Denizens are the ancient Vrill-ya, awakened by the explosions above them, though that does not seem to be the case. There are many theories out there, and this is mine. I believe that the Denizens are perhaps Aliens, due to their non-human appearance, which the zombies have, and the fact that there is no animal, or thing, for that matter, that resembles the Denizens themselves on Earth. (except for that thing in the Overlord Series :3 ) This theory may also explain their other-worldly abilities to jump high, hover in the air for awhile,  and may also explain their facial features. They also have extremly large eyes, which could mean that their vision adapted well to a planet with different a atmosphere, or different conditions then that of the Earth

Denizen Tranzit BOII

The Denizen in mid-hover.

There is yet another idea that maybe they were inside the missiles launched at the end of the easter egg for the Black Ops I map, Moon. This doesn't seem possible, due to the fact that you can kill them with a couple knifes, yet they somehow managed to survive a giant explosion caused when the missiles hit the Earth. Some other people think that they are Mutants, caused by a Goverment expeirament. Or they are litterally baby humans turned into Zombies. Any of them could actually be possible, even mine.

The reason I do not believe that the Denizens are zombies themselves is because their flesh doesn't seem to be rotting, nor do their eyes appear to have blue or even yellow glow.

The one question no one can really answer is this: "Why do they jump 'on the player?" I have no idea why, peraps an easy way to get to the human player's brain, though that boosts the Denizen zombie theory, which does not seem likely. Also, why do they stick to the dust/fog areas of TranZit? They can only be found there, and they stay there. If a Denizen is in mid-attack on the player when the player steps out of the fog and enters one of the zombie maps, the Denizen will hop off, and scurry back into the eerie dust cloud.

In conclusion, I believe that this mix of Golem from the Lord of the Ring series and Standard monkeys is an Alien species. How they got here? No idea. What they want? Again, no idea. If you would like to say/comment/add to this theory page, please do so in the page's talk section. Thank you for reading this, and please don't flame this if you do not agree with me. Just say what you think in the talk page.

Thanks again, ~.:Twisting-Blade:.

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