aka Chris Jackson

  • I live in Washington, DC, USA
  • I was born on January 21
  • I am Male
  • 1-10

    Assault Rifles (in order unlocked)

    G3 (Moderate accuracy, High damage, moderate fire rate, small clip,Semi Auto)

    FAMAS (High accuracy, moderate damage, 3-round burst)

    M14 (High accuracy, high damage, semi-auto, small clip)

    FN FNC (High accuracy, 3 round burst, moderate damage)

    M4 Carbine (High accuracy, Moderate damage, Moderate fire rate)

    F2000 (Low accuracy, moderate damage, high fire rate)

    AK-74 (High accuracy, moderate damage, moderate rate of fire)

    ZM LR-300 (Moderate accuracy, moderate damage, high fire rate)

    ACR (High accuracy, Moderate damage, high fire rate)

    G36C (Moderate accuracy, low damage, high fire rate)

    SIG SG 550 (High accuracy, Moderate damage, Low fire rate)

    Steyr AUG (Moderate accuracy, moderate damage, moderate fire rate)

    AN-94 (H…

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