1. New Weapons:

  • Bekas 12-M Shotgun (Called Bekas ingame)
  • Browning High Power (Called High Power Pistol ingame)
  • CZ-75B (not the same gun as in Black Ops, but another model), (called CZ-75 ingame)
  • Colt 1911 (called M1911 Pistol ingame), I would like to have a proper 1911.
  • Dan Wesson PPC Revolver (Called PPC ingame)
  • DSR-1 (called DSR-1 ingame)
  • Hawk Semi-Auto Shotgun (Called Hawk shotgun ingame)
  • Heckler & Koch HK416 (called HK416 ingame)
  • Heckler & Koch PSG-1 (called PSG-1 ingame)
  • MAC-10 (called MAC-10 ingame)
  • Milkor M32 MGL (called M32 Grenade Launcher ingame)
  • PGM Ultima Ratio Hectate II (Called Hectate Rifle ingame)
  • PK Machine Gun (emplaced weapon, and is found used by some infantry, called PK Machine Gun)
  • PWS Diablo (Called Diablo Assault Rifle ingame)
  • Ruger GP-100 (Called GP-100 ingame)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 629 (called 629 Revolver)
  • Sturmgewehr 44 (called STG-44 ingame, is multiplayer exclusive)
  • SW MP-10 (called MP-10 ingame)
  • VSS Vintorez (called Vintorez rifle ingame)
  • Kimber Warrior (called Kimber Pistol ingame)

7. Gameplay Changes:

  • Bring back ALL guns explosives from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 (And make the CoD4's multiplayer exclusive weapons available in SP)
  • Do a Medal of Honor (e.g. Take firearms into an open field and use microphones to record the gun reports), that way we have the firearm's actual sounds. IMO the Springfield Armory 1911, Beretta M9, and USP 45 sounded wimpy in CoD4 and MW2.
  • Make gunshots louder indoors than outdoors.
  • destructable environments ala BF:BC2
  • Team Deathmatch and other team-based game types require co-operation to succeed (even in TD, one can be a loner and get a high score without helping anyone, which I dislike)
  • Campaign is twice as long, and is 20 missions long.
  • Make the guns at least look like their real-life counterparts, and/or model them off of real-life firearms instead of airsoft guns.

remove the rails.

make sure the reloading animation is correct.

  • Make the rane, power, accuracy, and reload rate as close as possible to the firearm's real-life counterpart. You can have realism and fun go together hand in hand.
  • Bring back the MW2 announcer for the Spetsnaz team.
  • Bring back some maps from CoD4 and MW2.
  • A DLC, or level that showcases ALL characters, weapons, vehicles, etc. with updated models, textures from CoD 1 to MW3. Kinda like the museum level in MW2....but bigger, and outside is a firing range to test the guns out.
  • (I know this is happening for sure), The knife must be equipped before using. A soldier can't drop a gun slash at someone then pick up their weapon within a split-second.
  • Bring back the SOG Bowie Knife from CoD4, and the Blackhawk Tatang from MW2. And maybe bring back the Karambit Knife from Black Ops.
  • Bring back vehicles like in CoD 1 or CoD 2.
  • Customizable character like in Black Ops. Or choose from different skins.
  • Film clips like in Black Ops.
  • Bring back character models from CoD4 and MW2. (Make things more diverse, plus I liked the Ultranationalist with the gas-mask in CoD 4)
  • Change the G18 to G17.
  • With the exceptions of the Ultranationalists and OpFor, and Militia (if we fight them again), make sure the militaries use actual weapons they are issued, No Russian Soldiers with Vectors, or Militia with tactical FN F2000.
  • EGLM grenade launcher for the FN F2000.
  • Make sure the M203 is attached to the Tar-21 correctly.
  • Intel unlocks cheat-codes
  • Gore effects.
  • Have a chest and legs.
  • Fix signs, labels, papers so they are read-able instead of blurry pixels.
  • Custom-skins for weapons like in Black Ops or Army of Two (but make it reasonable, no zebra stripes, tiger stripes, pimp, or gold camoflauges).
  • Bring back Kamarov.
  • Let bodies and weapons stay instead of de-spawning after a certain period of time.
  • Better blood splatter
  • Fix the blood texture when it splashes on screen instead of the character smearing raspberry jelly over their eyes.
  • Dogs killstreak awards.
  • Be able to fly planes/jets in Multiplayer and SP.

8. Play as Ramirez, Soap, Price, and Nikolai (I figure Soap will be playable, and maybe Price and Ramirez, but I am not sure on Nikolai.

9. Menu theme from CoD 4 for the main menu. Or at least bring back music from CoD4 and MW2

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