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  • 11th Explosion

    Get a nuke, call it in. God.

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  • 11th Explosion

    Recently, I have been using the Vector a lot, and I have grown to know it's strong points and it's weaknesses. I will also recommend perks, attachments, and other things like that.

    The Vector's strongest point is it's incredibly high rate of fire, and lowest recoil of all submachine guns.

    Rapid Fire: 9/10

    If you use the Vector, you should embrace it's strong points, which in this case are it's high rate of fire.

    Everything else, and I mean everything else: 0/10

    Do NOT use perks.

    Do NOT use secondaries.

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  • 11th Explosion

    I have a friend with a JTAG, and I can confirm you get this emblem by completing AK47 Marksman IV. Believe what you want, I know this is true.

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