• 1222awsome


    October 3, 2011 by 1222awsome

    General Shepherd

    Shepherd was a terrible man in MW2. Because he betrayed the Task Force 141. In the beginning Shepherd wanted to see PFC. Allen run around The Rangers Training. And wanted to see Allen in the pit. During the first mission in MW2 Shepherd said get Get up Private Allen Rangers lead the move. Then Shepherd leaves to be hidden some where to be protected. Shepherd took Allen to Makarov. Shepherd made a deal with Makarov. Shepherd contact all the Rangers and Marines and the other Military of USA that the Russian was attacking America. Shepherd told Foley that he found the Viktor from "No Russian" He is dead. During the last part of "Loose ends" Shepherd kill Roach and Ghost. And Shepherd burn them. At the last mission end of the ga…

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