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    Dr. Friedrich Steiner is Viktor Reznov's target in Black Ops as well as Alex Mason's target. Steiner also created the toxic Nova 6 gas, which was sought after by the Germans, Russians, and British during and after WWII.

    During the late 1930s, Steiner accidentally mixed noxious chemicals together and flooded his labs with a horrible chemical which he later dubbed "Nova 6". The gas was uncontrollable unless contained.

    Hitler soon came to power and ordered large shipments of Nova 6 to be used as chemical warfare. The ship carrying the cargo got trapped in the ice and everyone aboard suffered. The Nova 6 never made it to its target.

    After WWII, two Russian leaders--Dragovich and Kravchenko--sent out a search party to find Steiner and take the Nova …

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    Zombies are the only enemies in the zombies mode. However, there are sevearl variations, which include:

    -Regular Zombies (all maps); Fast Zombies (Verruckt, Call of the Dead); Spetsnaz Zombies (Ascension); Shrieker Zombies (Shangri-La); Napalm Zombies (Shangri-La); Astronaut Zombies (Moon); Crawler Zombies (Kino der Toten, "Five", Moon); Phasing Zombies (Moon)

    -Hellhounds (Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Moon)

    -The Pentagon Thief ("Five"); George A. Romero (Call of the Dead)

    -Regular Monkeys (Shangri-La); Space Monkeys (Ascension)

    Outbreaks at Nacht der Untoten

    The Nacht der Untoten map is a rundown bunker which was used for shipments of classified weaponry by Nazi Germany. Several crates are still left unopened around the map. It is lik…

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    The Wonder Weapons are fictional weapons used to kill zombies with.

    After the meteorite landed in Russia in the early 1900s, Germany wanted some of the pie. They took what they could grab and created "Energy Drinks" (Perk-a-Colas) to enhance their soldiers with during WWI. But during WWII, the German Government formed Group 935 and 936. They were two groups which focused on making Germany the greatest world power via ultimate weaponry and nearly-invincible soldiers.

    Once the Germans lost WWI, they needed to repay a massive debt. The German Government informed the impatient Allies that they needed to complete some research or else they would not be able to finish paying off their massive debt.

    Rather than giving the Allies money, they bought a…

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    Who is H. Porter?

    June 24, 2012 by 123132131a

    H. Porter's most notable creation is the Ray Gun. It is believed that he also invented the Wave Gun and Zap guns, but this is false. The upgraded Wave Gun/Zap Guns are simply named after him for his bravery in stealing the Nazi plans from Group 936.

    But where did H. Porter come from?

    He was the head of scientific studies at the US Government's hidden headquarters: Area 51. During World War Two, he was sent to Germany to work with Group 935 and Group 936. He worked with both teams and helped create the deadliest weapon of all time: the Ray Gun.

    Taking all the credit, two German doctors (Maxis and Rictofen) shipped the device to reproduction, where copies of it would be made and shipped to the active German war bunkers. Then the two doctors sen…

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    Perk-a-Colas are helpful perks within the Zombies gamemode to allow the player to live longer and last higher rounds.

    World At War Perks

    The very first Perk-a-Cola was developed by the German Government after an early 1900s meteorite crash in Russia. The Germans took parts of the meteorite's 115 back to their labs (which would later become the Der Riese factory).

    Early, unnamed scientists began experiments, trying to create super drinks to ensure that the Germans would win World War One. Their first successful drink was Quick Revive, which ran on high amounts of 115 in its early stage. It would be drunk by a soldier who would, in turn, be able to die on the field and then be revived by a toxin which would normally kill the man. But the Quick …

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