Alright, looks like Hardline is our first perk of the week! Thanks to everyone who voted in the last perk blog, now let's jump right into the review! I will also provide 1337 commentary in the comments. (LIKE THIS SEE HERE? IF YOU DONT FUK U FUK U FUK U)

Modern Warfail Warfare 2


Modern Warfare 2 icon.

Hardline is a Tier 2 perk that lets you obtain killstreaks with one less kill. It's Pro version, which is fairly easy to unlock by getting 40 killstreak rewards with Hardline, lets you obtain a deathstreak with one less death (HURR HURR IMA GET PAINKILLER WITH 2 DEATHS NAO I R SO 1337 HURR HURR LOLOLOLOL).

While getting Killstreaks with it is easier, I find that so many nubs run Stopping Power that it is generally harder kill people, and so using Stopping Power may be more sensible.

It can be useful if you use One Man Army for its actual intended purpose (WAIT ITS NOT FOR INFINITE N00BT00BZ? FUK U FUK U FUK U) of switching to multiple OMA classes; you could switch to Hardline to get that last kill for an early killstreak (THEN CHANGE TO DANGER CLOSE HURR HURR).

Overall, when anti-Juggernaut is so mainstream, ima have to give Hardline a 6.5/10 for weakening you in gun-on-gun combat.

Black Ops

BO Perk Hardline

Black Ops Icon. I liek teh blood on it.

In Black Ops, it is now a Tier one perk. It is much harder to obtain it's pro version, which allows one to change the contents of a Care Package once. It's regular effect remains unchanged.

Hardline is a much more viable perk to use, since the mainstream bullet perk increasing damage has been removed. Hardline no longer hampers combat effectiveness, although you are stuck without another Tier one perk that could help you in combat (OH NOEZ I CANNOT USE MAH GHOST PRO AND SILENCED PISSY NOOB SPRAYER FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU).

Hardline Pro I find to be fairly useless. Although the re-roll ability is somewhat handy, it's a pain to unlock, and why run the Care Package anyway when the Napalm Strike, or almost any killstreak, is so much better?

I give Hardline a 7.5/10 for its useless Pro ability, although it is much more useful than in MW2.

Modern Warfare 3

Hardline appears for the third time in MW3 (OMG THATS SO COOL ITS APPEARANCE FOR THE THIRD GAME ALSO HAS A 3 IN IT OMGWTFBBQ). It's general effect is the same as in previous games, but it has a new Pro version (again). It now gives deathstreaks at one death earlier like in MW2, but it's other ability is boss; IT GIVES 1 KILL FOR EVERY 2 ASSISTS. This ability makes it MUCH easier to obtain pointstreaks.

Hardline's major weakness, the sacrifice of another perk, has also been remedied with the introduction of the Specialist Strike Package. Since you can earn more perks, the disadvantage of choosing Hardline over Blast Shield (OMG ANTI N00BTUBE? FUK U INFINITY WHORED) or Assassin (NEW GHOST OMG YAH I <3 IW) is essentially negated. Also, since capping flags and fulfilling other objectives gives points, Hardline is now a very sensible perk choice for a pointstreak-oriented player.

Hardline in MW3 gets an 8.5 out of 10 for its impeccable Pro effect and how it caters to the new pointstreak system. A favorite perk of mine as well.

The end

Well, that's enough of Hardline for now. Maybe it'll be in Black Ops 2 (OMG THE FAMAS AND AUG AND SUPER N00BT00B AND GHOST SHOULD BE IN IT TOO), but that's enough of perk talk for me now. So leave a comment below on what I should improve on. Also, comment on what perk should be chosen next! I will now leave you with a cool gif. SPNKR out.
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