Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an excellent game. The campaign has an excellent storyline and plot, Survival Mode was also very good, but the biggest accomplishment was the Multiplayer (Note: This is based on the Wii version).

With an exstensive variety of weapons (and moving the Skorpion to MPs), you will never get bored. The weapons ranks are weird, as I never really knew what they meant. The Emblems and Titles are interesting, because for most you have to do something to get them, whether it be using a perk, or saving a teamate. The weapon perks are also interesting, and useful. One weird thing is, and I don't know why it happens, but some buildings get cut out until you approach them.

Back to Campaign, the plot was good. Anything can happen. You could be killing Russians, when BAM! A hind comes out and kills you (not really). The Wii version was actually visually darker, making it harder to kill enemies in the dark. The weapons are less limited, but the primary weapons get an IN-SANE amount of ammo. The ending is VERY deserved after this excellent game.

Spec Ops: I don't think it's avaible for Wii, but Survival Mode was good. It's like Zombies, and Campaign combined. You fight unlimited waves of enemies, including: Infantry, Dogs, Suicide Infantry AND Dogs, Juggernaut, and Helicopters. Only 2 players can play (in the Wii version), so in later waves, it can be hard. But with an armory, grenade and tactical equips, and call in allies, you will hopefully be safe.

Overall, it was excellent. It had its flaws, but was still good. 8/10.

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