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  • 900bv

    This post will contain spoilers for the ending of Origins.

    I think my feelings on the Origins ending were clearly established earlier, but I've spend a good amount of time looking at the ending over and over again, and you'll be pleased to hear I have slightly less malicious feelings towards this ending now. That is, however, if what I have come up with is exactly what Treyarch were implying, or they just used this ending as a 'Get Out of Crap Story Territory Free Card'.

    When I first watched the ending, like most people, I was up in arms. Not only did they render the entire story they have built up completely pointless, but they also did it in an exceptionally lazy way. They brought out that age-old twist, it was all imaginary.

    However, as I …

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  • 900bv

    WARNING: This blog post will contain Buried spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

    As we all know, the Zombies storyline has been pretty horrible for a while now. Group 935 had managed to build a teleporter to the Moon in Area 51, robotic bus drivers now exist in the 1960s and four mobsters are eternally trapped in a hellish representation of Alcatraz. But, with Buried, the story has taken a turn to the intriguing side.

    While there are two opposing easter egg progressions, I'm going to be taking Maxis' side as canon, because of the predictions I'm going to be making. At the end of Maxis' side of Mined Games, Maxis reveals his intentions to reach Agartha, a city that Brock and Gary were trying to prove existed. Now, the reason he wants get to…

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