• ANgRyWaFfLeS AZ

    Don't get me wrong some things in Black Op's is going to be cool, like one in the chamber and some other stuff. but do you think they have tried to hard to beat modern warfare 2 that they have gone to far. by this I mean the perk system, the guns, attachments and buying guns.

    I truly don't see the point in buying your guns when you still need to be the rank to unlock a gun for purchase, in general buying gun's is kinda cool but I don't see the point in having to unlock them to buy them,

    They have messed up the perk system and the pro effects of them, Cold Blooded for instance, It doesn't make you invisable to air support any more, and the pro version give you a ghillie suit, I always use Cold blooded with my smg's I don't want a bloody ghill…

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