A_Lonely_Nomad's guide to the mg4

Hello people! Over the next few weeks I will be writing up blog/guides on the least used weapons out there in mw2 multiplayer. I'm kicking it off with the third unlockable machine gun, the mg4. Feel free to say where I could improve, and if I helped you at all. Thanks for your time.


1 Perks

2 Attackments

3 General gameplay


Blue tier.

Sleight of hand - 8/10. This perk is extremely handy - the mg4 is notorius for having a long reload time. Faster ADS is also good.

Marathon - 1/10. This is not a rush type weapon, and should not be used as such. This same principle aplies to lightweight.

Bling - 6/10. This is an okay perk, but the 3 other "good" perks are handier. Attachments will be discussed later in this guide,

Scavenger - 9/10. More ammo? Infinite equipment? Why the f*ck not? The main advantage of this perk versus One man army is that you keep your secondry weapon, which could mean the difference between a pile of dead enemies and your own death.

One man army - 9/10. Between this and scavenger, I would choose this, for speed reloading, and versatility during situations. But its a matter of personal choice.

Red tier

Stopping power - 9/10. Less bullets to kill means a whole lot for a low damage gun.

Lightweight - 2/10. See marathon. The only reason to use this perk is to make up for the reduced sprint speed.

Hardline - 6/10. Handy, but some people regard 1 less kill as a waste of a perk.

Danger close - 3/10. Seriously, if you want an explosive machine gun class, just use the default overwatch class.

Cold blooded - 7/10. Good for an anti aircraft class, but this is not a stealth gun (See attachments).

Green tier

Commando - 6/10. Machine gun knifing is very limited, and this perk could save your life in a CQB.

Steady aim - 4/10. If you spray, use this perk. More experienced players regard it as a waste.

Scrambler - 0/10. Because its scrambler. And its terrible.

Ninja - 7/10. Good for defending yourself against heartbeat sensors.

Sitrep - 7/10. Pro is unbelieveable. Try it sometime. Its also good against rushers and campers.

Last stand - 1/10. No. Just no. NO!


Grip - not needed. The mg4 has an incredibly small amount of recoil. Utilise this advantage to free up your slot for say, and ACOG scope.

Red dot and holographic - Good for medium range combat. Choice between them is down to personal preference. It's also worth noting that the iron sight on the gun is off by a considerable amount- it shoots lower than the sight would suggest.

Silencer and hearbeat sensor - The silencer on the mg4 is glitched - you still show up on the radar. Handy for hardcore with no HUD though. The hearbeat sensor is regarded as nooby, but it is excellant for taking down campers. Good combined with explosive rounds for said reason.

ACOG and thermal scope - Decent attachments, turns this into a long range massacare.

FMJ and extended magazines - FMJ is unique as it reads on the HUD as "mg4 explosive rounds." Thankfully, it does nothing other than FMJ. Extended magazines is a dilemma - it is either a life saver or a waste of an attachment. It is handy utilising One man army for the quick reloads, as you can cover a point for ages.


Gonna keep gameplay short and sweet. Keep in mind at all time, THE MG4 IS A DEFENDERS WEAPON. Do not rush, play the objective. This does not mean camping. Your strength lies in the ability to defend a place continusely without the need to reload that are present on say, submachine guns or assualt rifles. Do not throw away this advantage.

Here are my 4 most used and favourite classes. I recommend them.

1 Anti aircraft class. Sleight of hand, cold blodded, ninja. Acog or thermal, and stinger secondry. Speaks for it self. Tactical insertion is handy for getting right back into the action when the danger is taken care of.

2 Objective defender. One man army, stopping power, commando, extended magazines/ holographic sight, secondry, sextex or c4. Good for defending flags.

3 All round awesomeness. Scavenger, hardline, ninja, silencer, akimbo rafficas/g18s, claymores. A good, blanced class for any gamemode.

4 Destroy all campers. Bling, stopping power, sitrep, explosive rounds and hearbeat sensor, rpg, semtex or c4. Good for killing tricky campers.

Thats all that's to it! Hope I helped you! Have fun and good luck!

A Lonely Nomad 19:16, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

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