Something that has been bothering me for a while is the nationality of the Unnamed Middle-Eastern Nation that is featured in the United States Marine Corp's Campaign of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I myself have made speculations as to what nation this is, honestly I have found many possibilitys

1, Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabia seems like a natural choice as it is a well known nation in the Middle East and Three Missions (all the American ones except Shock and Awe) loading screens zoom in on Saudi Arabia. Plus all scrapped missions list it as Saudi Arabia so you see what I am getting at. Plus it is mentioned as a monarchy before the "revolution" Saudi Arbabia is a Monarchy.

2, Qatar- Khaled Al-Asad mentions it to have been a monarchy before the revolution. Today Qatar is a monarchy. Plus is a small country and the News Caster says that the U.S. Marines will invade "the small but oil rich Nation". However Qatar Capital Doha borders the Persian Gulf, so it is unlikely the Marines would fight 24 hours to get there if the operation was launched from the Persian Gulf.

3, Kuwait- Kuwait fits the news casters description perfectly, small and oil rich. Plus one loading screen (Shock and Awe) appeared in northern Kuwait/ southern Iraq. Also it is a Monarchy like Qatar. However Kuwait City, the Capital of Kuwait borders the Persian Gulf where the operation was launched so it is unlikely the Marines would fight for around 24 Hours to get there.

4, Iraq- Not very likely as in 2007 when the game came out America was already in Iraq and they had to invade it. But the only reason it is a possibility as the loading screen for  Shock and Awe may have taken place in Southern Iraq.

5, Iran- Not much here but in Hunted the screen says USMC then zooms out of Iran then switches to the SAS in Russia.

5, Afghanistan- in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare you fight a Middle-Eastern faction called OpFor (Opposition Force). In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Two you briefly fight a faction called OpFor. Posters of Al-Asad are all around the town in the level Team Player. However Speculators says that that was not to offend any terrorist group in Afghanistan. As mentioned above about Iraq and America already being in it in 2007 goes for Afghanistan as well. Plus in 1979-1989 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the Ultranationalist are trying to launch Russia into a second Soviet Union, so it is unlikely being alive then (ages 16-26 during the war)  Al-Asad would support that.

6, Pakistan- Not much to say here but some signs are written in English and English is a secondary language of Pakistan.

So what do you think. Maybe in Modern Warfare Four they will let us know (I mean it is already banned in the Middle East). Thanks for read. (A bully user (talk) 02:14, January 26, 2013 (UTC))

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