• Abigail Misty Briarton

    Russman your a very old aged guy, The war machine is your favorite buy, You constantly lose your memory, Marlton is your great enemy.

    Russ you reveal your older than 75, Yet you still feel very alive, You have a painfully bad hip that gives, But Russman don't care as long as he still lives.

    You and Sthulinger are somewhat buddies, But you and Misty are like nobodies, You have a passion for explosions, And think marlton should face expulsion.

    You think the world is at end, You know this isn't pretend, You lead and assure the rest, And tell them it's for the best.

    The apparent leader is you, The entire crew knows your true, True leader with a lot of fight, That's why you can survive the night.

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  • Abigail Misty Briarton

    Marlton you are the big brains of this whole operation, Between you and Misty there is some miscommunication, You and Misty have a thing for each other, Yet both don't express it to one another.

    Marlton you despise Russman much, Russman returns his feelings as such, You and Sthuliger have a mutual relationship, Both supporting some sort of unrealistic friendship.

    your favorite weapon is the DSR 50, It is overall powerful and also nifty, People often refer to you as the groups nerd, But your brain is a brain not a pile of turd.

    Marlton you have an extensive knowledge of the weapons at hand, And can very easily agree that some guns are overly bland, You have an exaggerated fear of all germs, You and claustrophobia are also on terms.

    I can easily…

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  • Abigail Misty Briarton

    Misty in your presence I am weak, So I apologize if i stud-err when I speak, So if I just call you mist, Please forgive me and don't punch my face with your fist.

    Misty I like how your such a badass it should be put on a ban, You are also tougher than marlton sthuliger and Russman, You are a woman that doesn't like to twirl, And your also one mean cowgirl.

    Misty You act like your are better than the men, But you are truly better than them, If any of them call you a bimbo, You can just beat them and they will be in a state emotional limbo.

    Misty when you shoot down zombies remember you father, I'm sure that hatred will that you farther, I hope you remember the face of your mother, Because there is the one and no other.

    Misty don't let the zombi…

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  • Abigail Misty Briarton

    Zombies come from all around, Coming from the wall and the ground, from the ceiling and the floor, So be cautious when you open a door, Or you will discover the undead horde.

    If you are planing on team survival, Get quick revive for fast revival, If it feels like your not that tuff, Always Reach for juggernog it's the right stuff.

    If your gun is bringing you to tears, Increase its power with double tap root beer, If you have slow hands that need to get faster, Speed cola is the answer.

    When you feel the need to carry three guns, Mule kick will let you carry all that fun, If you have 5000 points which is a bunch, Come along to pack a punch.

    When you hit the ground and things feel wrong, Don't worry a teammate should revive you with the cover of…

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