By special request I have relaunched an old blog and would like if you people made this story work.

A huge war fleet, composed of non-living sentients, has attacked Telos, a planet on the edge of Human Colonization.

E-vac efforts have begun, but have been severely impended by the flag ship of the fleet, the Ravager.

The 6th fleet is en-route to counter the assault on Telos, and aboard the main ship, the Sovereign

Fleet Admiral Mauser is putting together a strike team to breach unto the Hull of the Ravager, and neutralize the main Commander of the Ravager, whom of not much is known.

"Gentlemen, this is a suicide mission. That thing aboard the Ravager survived the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, even was caught directly in the Mass Shadow." "There is a slim .01 to nothing chance you will even survive the Breaching, a manual drop 30 Kilos above the Ravager itself, and even if you do survive manual drop from the Sovereign, there is almost no guarantee you won't be killed by the flak from the Ravager's guns. This is what our forefathers fought for, like the great AdvancedRookie or Doc or Griever. "

"Now, Who wants to feel Patriotic?"

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