Hey I just thought of some random killstreaks that should be in the game:

Support Gunner: 10 kills- Effectively the Helicopter from Of Their Own Accord. You control the minigun for a minute or two.

Helicopter Transporter: 6 kills- A transport helicopter that picks you up and any surrounding teamates and lands you somewhere else in the map. However there must be enough room and the doors are open for 30 seconds before they close and the helicopter takes off. Useful when surrounded and in objective based games such as Capture The flag. The Helicopter can hover so that people can get on and off ontop of buildings. Can be shot down giving the points for shooting it down and anyone on board. The Helicopter would be something like a Chinook or Seaknight so you are protected during flight from bullets but not departure and boarding. There is a machine gun that can be manned by a player in the helicopter transport area to give covering fire to teamates coming aboard and to fire at enemies upon landing.

What do you think?

Yay top of the editor chart! Like my Anti Jack Thompson group was. Didn't think this blog would do it however.

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