• Advancedwarfighter

    Going Silent

    July 16, 2010 by Advancedwarfighter

    This is Advancedwarfighter, 59th Company, number 9826824. I'm going dark for a while, so don't count on seeing me until October. Cramming for exams.

    I would be flattered if anyone actually cared, but this is the Internet: anything can happen

    Advancedwarfighter out.

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  • Advancedwarfighter
    • An LMG (my favourites are the L86 LSW and M240)
    • A launcher (Javelin is the best, if not yet unlocked, use Stingers in open- air areas and AT4s in urban environments)
    • Equipment: Claymores recommended, but not necessary
    • Special grenades: Smoke Grenades

    Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

    Perk 2: Stopping Power/ Cold- Blooded

    Perk 3: Sitrep (pro not required)

    Enter a random high position. (e.g. the tower in Rust.) Do not enter the crane in Highrise unless you can control the MG enough or have an ACOG Scope. Select a certain area, for example, the office in High Rise. If you see shadows, open fire. Nevermind if you don't hit anything. If you suspect that a ghost or sniper is onto you, deploy smoke and run like hell.

    If suppressed, fire off a random Javelin. It'll s…

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  • Advancedwarfighter

    For me: Hot Fuzz in 720p

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  • Advancedwarfighter

    My relatives are over in Singapore to receive medical treatment, and they act like they own the whole effing joint. Can't sit down with a cool drink of Coke and drop some terrorists. =(

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  • Advancedwarfighter

    For me it would be CoD 4, even if I am a total n00b at it.

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