Lets like, get a story together. I'll get the ball rolling.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away.....

It is during the battle of Stalingrad. Once- proud building have been razed to the ground. In the rubble, a Soviet sniper, Pvt. Placeholder lies flat on his belly, his eyes constantly tracking the area for any signs of Germans. He spots a patrol. His finger caresses the trigger of his rifle. The crack of a rifle relieves the silence. Blood seeped from a wound in his shoulder.

Pvt. Placeholder allowed himself a self- satisfied smirk. Then the smile evaporated of his face. The 'dead' German was getting back up. His eyes glowed yellow. The creature tore into its ex- comrades.

Placeholder screams in sheer terror and runs. The creature stared straight back at Placeholder and charged him.

65 years later....

The recently promoted Sgt. Dunn was instructing the latest batch of recruits. "You gotta aim down your sights! Ramirez! Show these guys what I'm talking about. Suddenly, a klaxon sounds. "All Hunter units get to your victors. We're oscar- mike." Overlord 6 ordered.

They got into their HMMWVs and rode into Afghanistan. Suddenly, there was an Al- Qaeda attack. RPGs flew everywhere. "Get out of the humvees!" Sgt. Dunn yelled.

"Shut up, Dunn!" Cpt. Foley yelled back. "Stay frosty"

The Rangers baled out of the vehicles and bolted for the nearest building. To cut a ling story short, there was a big fight."I think they're scarpering, sir"


Everyone piled into the Humvees. Then the bodies of the terrorists got back up. "Oh my god!" cried Ramirez.

Pick up the story from here, guys!!

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