• Agendric

    My View on Call of Duty

    September 21, 2010 by Agendric

    What bugged me about MW2 is the fact of all the cheaters..... fall guns, titles, emblems, killstreak, k/d, speed glitches, etc. So i switched to WaW. Well, I found out that about the top 1500 of ALL leaderboards were also boosted (comparative to 200,000 in MW2). Although I have not looked at COD4 yet, I'm pretty damn sure that it is hacked too. And that got me wondering, why do people feel the need to hack into a video game? So I made a list of things COD BO can do to help stop hackers and make the game better.

    Erasable Leaderboards

    ~ I remember in WaW when we watched two people fight out to see who was going to get to 10th prestige first. In MW2, you actually kinda question who is completely legit, somewhat legit, or not legit. Whatever ha…

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