What bugged me about MW2 is the fact of all the cheaters..... fall guns, titles, emblems, killstreak, k/d, speed glitches, etc. So i switched to WaW. Well, I found out that about the top 1500 of ALL leaderboards were also boosted (comparative to 200,000 in MW2). Although I have not looked at COD4 yet, I'm pretty damn sure that it is hacked too. And that got me wondering, why do people feel the need to hack into a video game? So I made a list of things COD BO can do to help stop hackers and make the game better.

Erasable Leaderboards

~ I remember in WaW when we watched two people fight out to see who was going to get to 10th prestige first. In MW2, you actually kinda question who is completely legit, somewhat legit, or not legit. Whatever happened to that? Oh wait, MW2 got hacked!

~ If someone has hacked, they should just be deleted from leaderboards plus banned for LIFE on that account.... Yes make the penalty for LIFE because then some people would stop, keyword-some.

~ If someone has over a 10 k/d, they hacked. If someone has over a 100 kill streak, they hacked. It's not that hard infinity ward to see things like this.

~ Nazi Zombies same way. 1000 levels? Yup Probably!

Things that should be removed from Black ops

~ Obviously Cage Match

~ Titles and Emblems and this is why..... They don't show that you really did anything first of all. Oh you did a challenge. BIG WHOOP! I can probably do it too. Second, some people just boost for them. Spinning 10th prestige emblem. Not Possible! So why do you have it with your golden AT4 title. I don't know either.

~ Glitches - I KNOW THEY WILL BE FOUND BUT it should not take more than two days to patch the glitch. Plain and Simple.

~ Controllable Kill Streaks.... Now look I've seen the video of the car in Black Ops for a 3 kill streak. I see that as a 3 kill predator missile. In addition to controllable killstreaks, I think the highest killstreak should be 10 and this is why..... Think about it, a Nuke is 25 kills but really its only 7. All you need to do is not die when your harriers are out, not die when your chopper gunner is going, and maybe get 2 or 3 more kills and tactical nuke ready. If there are no controllable killstreaks AND the killstreaks stopped at 10, there would be (in my opinion) less camping and more running around.

~ Red Tiger = Last camo.... 250 headshots in one prestige, before the final level, only shows that you can't use any other gun and you have no skill. Unless you can get 250 headshots with guns like - F2000, skorpion, vector, all non SMGs from WaW, MP44.... If you can use these, you have skill. I know I can use all of them. As a matter of fact, I use all the guns during all my prestiges. It just shows that you don't need one gun to do well.

~Danger Close and/or Grenade Launchers

Thing that should continue / bring back

~ Upgradable perks / attachments

~ Prestige - But make the levels like 60.... Because it took me 22 days to become a tenth prestige in MW2 and it only took me 17 days in COD4 and WaW. Yes I love CoD, that's why I'm making this blog.

~ All leaderboards for ALL gametypes (I was 6th in Sabotage Kills in WaW and It was awesome (and nerdy) saying "I was top ten at that game."

~ Bring back Gib Factory (If your dumb or don't remember - Ripping peoples arms and legs off)

~ These gametypes (hardcore too) - TDM, MTDM, Domination, Sabotage, FFA, War, HQ, S&D, and Old School in the terms of this - COD1, you picked one gun from your team (OpFor would have like AK's, dragonovs, RPGs etc, while USMC would have M4s, MP5s, etc.)

~ Camper Timers - COD 1 again, basically, if you sat still (CAMPING) or somewhat still for more than like a minute, you had an icon above your head. Everyone can see this icon anywhere - map, radar, screen, thru buildings, etc. It would reduce camping and be easier to find people not playing :D

~ Care Packages - Random Killstreak/ammo after 4 kills was perfect. Because I ALWAYS seemed to get ammo, fuck you care package!


~ Feel free to leave comments - agreeing, disagreeing, adding, subtracting..... Whatever. I don't care.

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