Hi Guys, AgentUnpredictable909 Here. I'm Gonna Show You My Idea Of The Next New Call Of Duty sequel. It's not a real idea i'm just expressing my idea. I Hope You Guys Like It! :)

Call Of Duty: Dark Wolf


Mission 1: It's Just A Beginning

The Story Takes Time 3 Years After Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. The New Main Protagonist, Capt. Thomas Johnson And His Team, Lt.  Michael Jones, And Sgt. Norton "Shadow Killer" Curtis Are In A Ops, They're Going To Capture Kurt Sanders, An Intel Of The New Main Antagonist, Vladimir Stoikov In Miami. Thomas And His Team Have Found Sanders In The Beach Hotel. And Then Sanders Leave The Hotel And Head To A Warehouse With His Bodyguard.

After Reach The Warehouse, Sanders Meets Stoikov. Sanders Give Him Some Weapon Cache. Without Thinking, The Shadow Killer Shoot Four Sanders's Bodyguard And Thomas Yell At Him "What The F*ck Are You Doing", And Then Sanders And Stoikov Escape The Warehouse By Two Different Cars, Michael Ask Thomas "Which One The Target?", And Thomas Replies "The Target Is Sanders, Stoikov It's Not The Target!"


1.Follow Sanders's Car And Do Not Get Discover

2.Chase Sanders's Car

After Sander's Driver Been Shot, Sanders's Car Is Out Of Control, And An Incoming Truck Accidently Crash Sanders's Car And Make The Car Turn Upside Down. And Then Thomas And His Team Get To Sanders And Interogate Him, Thomas Ask Him About The Weapon Cache. But Sanders Didn't Answer It And He Says "I Like To Be Dead...(cough)...Rather Than Answering Your Question...!" And A Few Second Later His Dead Because The Accident.

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