Hello there! It's me, Locke, blogging for the first time. I really think the title of this post says it all, so let's get started!

(NOTE: Perks and Scorestreaks and Wildcards are not listed. If you want me to, I'll do so.)

  1. M27 Suppressed w/ EOTech, Five-Seven Suppressed, Frag, Smoke(Stealth Mid-Range)

I like this one because it's good for mid-range and okay at larger distances, while being best at close range. It's good for most things, and good for moving around and scouting and destroying campers or people who are guarded so they can get killstreaks. Toss on a GL for added firepower. Remove the suppressor and add the GL for a fast-moving class. I use this one pretty frequently.

2.  M8A1 w/ Reflex Sight + Laser Sight, Five-Seven Suppressed, Semtex, Smoke(Multi-Role)

This is more of a multi-role class. It's good for close quarters, but it's four-round bursts take care of the damage fallof at long range. Just hit them in the head. The Five-Seven because it has a decent ROF, so long as you have a fast trigger finger. Also, if you're on your sidearm, you're making your last stand, so not letting people know where you are helps.  Clans should use it as the main loadout in just about every match. I use only four LODs commonly, this is the go-to.

3.  PDW-57 Suppressed w/ EOTech, Tac-45 w/ Laser Sight, C4, Shock Charge,(Stealth CQB)

This is a stealth class. With the large mag size, reloading is not too common. Of course, you would only use it when using ADS. The ROF is okay, and CQB is the only real application. Commonly, the clan I'm in, tag SRA7, will use it for clearing in close quarters. The reason the Tac-45 is used is because this is for breaching and clearing. Larger mag size + Two hit kill damage + Fast trigger finger = Infrequent reloads. I've only ran out of ammo for both weapons once, and that was against a clan that loved to camp. This is an amazing loadout. I love it.

4.  FAL OSW w/ ACOG + Fast Mag(SWAT-556 for competitive play), Crossbow w/ ACOG, Semtex, Smoke(Designated Marksman)

This is the class that I'll use when I want to snipe while still staying mobile and good for CQB. The OSW's semi-auto is not that bad; just be fast on the trigger. When you need to clear a room, or take out that pesky sniper, use the crossbow. Explosive makes a strong argument.

5.  Skorpion EVO Suppressed w/ Reflex Sight, Tac-45 w/ Reflex Sight, C4/Claymore, Shock Charge(Guard)

This is that class. The class that the guy guarding the scorestreaker is using. The reason why is because he'll be camping by the door. Three shots to the head. Not a big deal. Especially when you have the ability to do it ten times with the Skorpion. The Tac-45 will do it one hundred times. So ammo isn't much of a problem for this. Plus, according to the tactics your clan should use, there will be four guards: Two on either side of the door/entrance, one in front of the scorestreaker, and one off to the side, so even if you kill the two at the door, you still need to kill the one in front of the streaker, and even if you do that there's still one you can't see unless you have a thermal sight or MMS, who'll shoot you. Not a lot of ways to counter that. Then you have to figure in the Shock Charges, which can be kind of loud when they go off. If it's a Claymore, don't even bother. You're dead. C4 is also useful, because if another sniper spots you, then a guard will blow his, then go plant another one.

6.  SVU-AS w/ Dual Band Scope + FMJ, KAP-40 w/ Extended Clip, Shock Charge, Claymore(Sniper)

This is a dedicated sniper class. It's the one that the snipers in my clan use the most. I mean, the SVU has a multiplier so that if you hit them in the hea, they die instantly. I mean, that's not all that hard. Plus, the KAP-40 is a perfect backup for a sniper class. The dedicated scorestreakers of any clan should use it in conjunction with Hardline and the scorestreaks VTOL Warship, K-9 Unit, and Swarm.

7.  QBB LSW w/ Rapid Fire + Quickdraw Grip OR Mk 48 w/ Rapid Fire + EOTech, Executioner w/ Long Barrel, Frag, Smoke(Gunner)

This class is the class you use to power through all those enemies. I know the QBB is stereotypically slow, but it's actually quite fast, with the default just over 15 rounds per second. Rapid fire takes it to just over 20 per second. I mean, it might seem overkill when you only need four to kill at range, but this is a weapon for laying down lots of bullets fast. Then, you have the Executioner for defending yourself. Overall, this is good if you need to keep an area blocked off. This is good for holding the Hardpoint or protecting your flag and stuff like that.

8.  Remingtom 870 MCS w/ Long Barrel + Fast Mags, Dual KAP-40s, Frag, Smoke(Breacher)

This is a dedicated class for breaching and clearing. The shotgun with long barrel is good for mid-range engagements. Fast Mags mitigates the slow reload time, and the dual KAP-40s will take care of the rest.

9.  S12 w/ Long Barrel + Extended Mags, Dual KAP-40s, Frag, Smoke(Power Breacher)

This is another option for breaching. The long barrel makes it a very viable mid-range weapon, and the semi-auto fire rate is perfect for lots of bullets in a short amount of time.

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