• Agent Tasmania

    personally, balance the dogs and MP40 on WaW and drop the fire cap on all semi automatic weapons to put a stop to controller modding

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  • Agent Tasmania

    • AKM (modernized AK-47), GP25
    • M16A4, M203
    • HK-416 or M4A1, M203 or SCAR-L short barrel, H&K GLM
    • SCAR-H, medium barrel, H&K GLM or long-barrel as sniper
    • L85A2
    • AUG A3, M203
    • (remington) ACR, 5.56mm NATO/6.5mm Grendal/6.8mmSPC?
    • AN-94 Abakan
    • AKs-74u
    • OTs-14 Groza, GP-25
    • F2000T, AGLM
    • G3A4
    • G36K
    • FAL
    • TAR-21
    • XM8 *1, matching red-dot sight/laser sight package, XM320 grenade launcher

    • MP5A3
    • MP7
    • UMP .40 (slightly lower power but higher fire rate and larger mag than .45)
    • Uzi
    • Specter M4
    • P90 TR
    • PP-90 Bizon *2

    • MG36
    • MG4/Minimi (original weapon of which 'M249 SAW' is US service designation)
    • RPK/RPK-74
    • RPD
    • M60E4
    • AUG HBAR
    • MG3
    • MAG (origional weapon of which 'M240' is US service designation)
    • PK Pecheneg

    • Intervention M200
    • SVD Druganov
    • M14 EBR
    • Arctic-Warfare Magnum (L96A1)
    • M40A3
    • SCAR-H long-barrel or me…

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