• AirWolverine

    Hey i saw a few posts like this one already on this site and thought that it would be interesting if i did one too, but it was too late too reply on any of them so i thought i'd create my own cast for all the main characters of the 3 mws. Enjoy


    Price-Tim Roth

    Soap- Gerard Butler

    Gaz-Craig Fairbrass

    Lt Vasquez-Randy Courture

    Sgt Jackson- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Sgt Griggs-Mark Grigsby(guy who voiced him and is modelled after)

    Nikolai-Vladmir Mashkov

    Sgt Kamarov-Liev Schrieber

    Imran Zakhaev-Jeremy Irons

    Al Asad- Alexander Shiddig

    Viktor Zakhaev-Roman Varshavsky

    MacMillan-Iain Glen

    Lt.Price -Tom Hardy

    Overlord-Glenn Morshower


    General Sheperd-Sam Sheperd

    Ghost-Jason Statham

    Roach-Christian Bale

    Joseph Allen-Chris Hemsworth

    Sgt Foley-Denzel Washington

    Cpl Dunn-Ba…

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