ak47 ammo glitch cod 4 or cod6

first up you can do this glitch in any game mode (spec ops , campaign , multiplayer etc.)

you will need an ak47 of any attatchment and an ak47 with any other attachment

(note:you dont need an attachment on one of the guns butthe both need to bee the same gu use this on any gun with moren with different add ons, bling works just as good )

you need to kill someone with your ak47 and pick up their ak47 as your secondary weapon

(this is why you need a different attachment otherwise it would not pick up the gun just the ammo and we dont want this)

when you pick up his gun own him some more and you will eventualy have 900 bullets you can use with your primary or secondary AK

btws: you can use this on any gun with more than one attachment available i just said the ak47 beacuse i found it out with that gun

ebtws: i dont know how to spell atachment attachtment so sorry if you could not read what i was saying

tfbtws:have fun with this glitch it trebles your maximum ammount of ammo

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