Have you seen this...well, bullshit?! Look at this article.

I know, right?!

Really, with my personal opinion, I can condense this article into 2 simple sentences.

"Both of your Abrahamic imaginary friends are the same lie, shut up, all of you."

But, that's just my opinion. And beliefs.

Really, how does this country fail to realize one simple thing: the limitations of IT'S OWN LANGUAGE.

"Hey, how would you describe what people like Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. all worship?"
"Uh, God?"

PRECISELY. It's ALL. THE SAME. WORD. You know what the Arabic word for "god" is? ALLAH. It's the exact same rules! Allah isn't some constructed word of the Arabic vocabulary, specifically tailored for use in Islam, no, get it right: it just means GOD. Not "Muslim God", just "God"! What is so hard to understand about that?! You can't just smash your iron fist over a damn word. Other people can use it to describe what they believe, too. The same damn singular sky-daddy that you also believe in, anyway.

You see, this is just the kind of thing that makes me say: "This is why I'm an atheist. Thank goodness."

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