I've wanted to write a fan fiction story for a while. I started writing a Special Operations style one but then I realized that Bumblebeeprime kinda already did that and I didn't want to come across as copying. So now I've made up my mind about what I want to write about. Black Ops. I want to do it now so that I won't be copying everything from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Because I know I would. It will be set in the Cold War. So I'm taking characters. So just fill this sign up sheet out and add to the gallery page. You have to add to the gallery page if you want to be in the story. Thanks!

Sign up sheet


Nickname: (Optional)

Suggestion of rank: (Nothing higher than captain. Also I make the final decision on rank, so if you didn't get the rank you wanted, sorry. I wouldn't change anything unless I need to for the telling of the story.)

Faction before joining the black ops group: (Basically anything...although I would perfer if it were mostly US Military...)


Weapons:(Remember, this is the Cold War...)


Short bio: (Optional)

Enemy Weapon: (I'll need an enemy weapon that they can pick up.)


As I said before, this will be set in the Cold War, primarily in the Vietnam war. The exact year will be 1968. (Unless you gues don't like that idea.) So keep everything in your sign up able to make sense in that era. I would also like to have some location suggestions in your comments. The enemies will be primarily the Viet Cong and the Soviets. Now that I told you that, I'll show you my sign up.

My character

Name: Alex Rider

Nickname: Ace

Suggestion of rank: Captain

Faction before joining the black ops group (SOG): USMC

Role: Commander

Weapons: Modified CAR-15 Commando, M1911

Age: 34

Short bio: Before being chosen to join the SOG, Cpt. Rider was a US Marine. At the time he was just a lieutenant. He served in Vietnam, fighting in the harsh jungle area. When his entire platoon was killed in action he took up defensive positions. Planting mines in the directions he knew the enemy would come from. Taking advantage of the confusion, he ran to the nearest village. He hid there until the Viet Cong started killing the villagers to find him. He then broke into an enemy base and used their radio to call in air support. Reenforcements came and escorted Rider out. He was then promoted to Captain.

Enemy Weapon: AK-47


You can put your pictures here:

User:Alex Martin Rider/Black Ops Fan-Fiction Gallery

Also, be sure you post pictures of both your character and weapons. Don't just post one of them, unless you have a reason, then PM me about it. If you make a character, you must put picture up on the gallery page. They don't all have to be character models from Call of Duty: Black Ops. They can be from any Call of Duty game or any other war game. (Within reason) You must post on the gallery page to be put in the story.


Here it is!

User:Alex Martin Rider/Black Ops Fan-Fiction story


Got any comments about my story? Go ahead and tell me here. Post your thoughts in the comments section.

User blog:Alex Martin Rider/Thoughts on my Black Ops fanfic

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