As most of us know, there has been speculation on whether the weapons on the IMFDB site are real. Many say that they come from Garry's Mod thus, being faked. I disagree completely. There are multiple supporting facts on why they are real.

First, take a look at these images:

Another confirming detail is this:

Do you need any more proof? As for the quality of the graphics, remember: They aren't done with the game yet. They probably just made up a makeshift example to take the screenshots with. At this time with Black Ops, all we got was a teaser trailer with flashes of game scenes. Pieces of the game that could hardly be seen and didn't have to have great graphics. It can be expected that the game developers will put much time into making this game look clean, smooth, and realistic.

None of this information has officially been released by Activision, and we'll update this if any more news appears.

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