Hi everyone.  I've never really written anything like this before, but I feel that I should let the COD community know my opinion.  Does anyone else think that going to the future in Call of Duty is kinda played?  I for one never actually liked the futuristic Call of Duty games, but even someone who does like them has to admit that it's too much.  It seems like every COD game since Black Ops 2 has gone further into the future.  I can tell that a majority of the community doesn't like the look of Infinte Warfare.  If your like me, you're only buying it for Modern Warfare: Remastered.  But now to the point of this post.  I really like playing the campaigns more than anything.  I want COD to go to the past.  The Korean War is something I've always wanted to experiance (not literally).  I think that WW2 has been covered enough, but what about WW1?  The battles, the weapons, the factions.  I feel that a studio such as Treyarch could really make an awesome WW1 or Korean War game.  Treyarch did after all make Black Ops.  The inclusion of the Vietnam War in Black Ops has made it one of my favourite CODs to date.  Heck I wouldn't mind having another game in WW2/Vietnam.  I am just sick and tired of going further into the future.  If Infinite Warfare is frequently sending us to space, who knows where the next few CODs will send us.  This is just my opinion and I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

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