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  • Alpha671

    Smooth or Clear?

    July 1, 2010 by Alpha671

    My 120hz tv has both options. which is better? It is an LED 46in Samsung. I need to know which is better to pwn the campers in MW2 :p

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  • Alpha671

    Let's say IW replaces Bling with Tring (Three attachments, some can't overlay others) for one week.

    Would you be against it, or for it?

    I would be for it, just for the sheer curiousity.

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  • Alpha671

    Banzai Classes (Bayonet + Extreme Conditioning)


    Witch Classes (Marathon, Lightweight, Commando + TacKnife)

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  • Alpha671

    Im trying to settle this modwar 2 argument here at home. In the a match "Pistols Only", is Pistols only aloud, or Machine Pistols too? Cuz my argument for Machine Pistols is that it has "pistol" in its category, similarly shaped like one, and its purpose are the same.

    So what do you guys think?

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  • Alpha671

    Think they'll disband? Think they'll find someone "worse to replace him with?" (quote Shepherd) and become a more serious role in the next game?

    Post here!

    I think they become like a major enemy in 4, not 3 when Soap and Price cleared themselves, if they do.

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