Well, Im not gonna say mine since I don't make funny classes. But you can like make up a class or situation that would deem the class funny.

I'm gonna use my friend's class instead of mine.

Primary: AK-47 w/FMJ + Grenade Launcher.

Secondary: RPGs

Equipment: Frag

Special: Smoke

Perk 1: Bling Pro

Perk 2: Stopping Power Pro

Perk 3: Commando Pro

Why I find it funny: My friend likes being OPFOR a lot. Notice the cliche terroristic-associated weapons.

You can say anybody's classes. If there's a detail like Perks you variate, put "Varies" or "Don't give"

I know somebody is gonna give a certain, famous class. First person to say it gets a cookie. And a cupcake. And TACOS!!!!

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