List your random Call of Duty facts.

On Skidrow, if you go from one end to the other in the second floor of the middle, blasting away, you'd get at least 25 kills, friendlies and what not.

When you throw a care package, the red smoke means "Come get me!"

The bunker in Wasteland is no man's land.

You can hear all the enemy scream when your AC-130 shoots a 105 round.

When you see someone pwning with the chopper gunner, you can tell he's played too much Bad Company 2. ;)

You keep forgetting the M1 Garand can be reloaded midclip in World at War.

You don't get a one shot kill with a bolt action rifle in WaW, you wonder, is Robert Bowling or Noah Heller right?

If you miss the right button in Call of Duty 3 during the animation scene, you die.

If you put the Der Königgrätzer Marsch (its the German Victory song in World at War) on the radio on Nacht, you made zombie fighting ironic.

Add some if you want!

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