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  • Americangunner521

    The people of IGN get an exclusive look at the new MW3 Multiplayer. They're livestreaming it on Robert Bowling and Glen Schofield are featured. The livestream ends around 7:00 EST, 4:00 for PST. Also, type ur questions into twitter for a chance to get ur question asked. #MW3. Gameplay of the SMAW, Mk.46, UMP45, Barrett, were just shown. Come join to see this amazing livestream.

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  • Americangunner521

    I've been playing World at War recently, and when I'm on, I get this in one of the corners of my screen [insert gamertag]: TTG x Eazy E isgod, this caused the person whos typing this on my 360 became invincible. I used a bayonet, Trench Gun and Magnum and couldn't kill him. This is complete Bullsh!t. I'm also not the only one that this is happening to me, a guy on YouTube named: Prisioner36 posted a video of these hackers. Is this happening to you? If it is, comment below, and put the persons gamertag, if you remember.

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  • Americangunner521

    A viedo of Inside Xbox has been released with Escalation details. But they mainly show Call of the Dead.

    The intro is George Romero talking. What he says is that he was doing research for a WW2 movie, and found the Group 935 files of the zombies. Apparently, he recreated the zombies through the research, as human surgeory is being preformed after his explanation. This means that the zombies are going through the public eye. Romero says that some of this bullshit happened right here, meaning he recreated the zombies for the movie. Those intense seen of a pitchfork, a double barrel shotty, and other cooling decapatating scenes are probably just for the cut scene. Romero's recreation of the zombies t…

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  • Americangunner521

    Its gonna be a couple monthes until Escalation is released. People have been said that the y want the AK-47 in ascension, personally, I was hoping for that too. But, no new weapons have been released yet, unlike in World at War, the Wunderwaffe and the Arisaka made appearences in Zombies. So, will there be a new weapon(s), or the same weapons. I hope for the AK47, and the M60. One of my new hopes is that when the Map Pack after Escalation is released, they have all the weapons from World at War and Black Ops in the box, I want an Browning with a Commando, or a MG42 with the RPK. What do you want and which weapons should be in Call of the Dead?

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