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  • AndImBatman


    So as many of you know, Call of Duty: Ghosts was released. Being COD, it automatically gets hate. However, Ghosts has had a special perimeter of hate. Several of which range from ridiculous or hypocritical. What I am going to do is pinpoint every piece of the hate of it, and explain on how ridiculous the hate is. Let's begin.

    Every since Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty has been hated, now, it has had its stereotypes before, but real HATE started to come around 2010. Unjustifiable hate for a game that has millions of fans is a common thing among successful franchises. Most of the time they bring out good points, but for COD, not so much. Let's break it do…

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  • AndImBatman

    This entire page is SPECULATION that me and Slav help create based on the Call of Duty: Ghosts single player plotline and missions. All the information is SPECULATION and should not be added to the pages unless aboslutely concrete. If anybody wants to include any information feel free to write a comment or message me and I will ad it!

    This mission involves how it all began, and the capture of the ODIN space station, playing as Kyra Mosley

    This mission involves getting to Fort Santa Monica playing as Logan Walker

    Mission already shown and known

    Mission already shown and known

    Homecoming involves you defending Los Angeles as Logan. It will also involve A-10 Strafes in the mission.

    The mission involves hunting down Almargo while you are playing as …

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  • AndImBatman

    Apocalypse DLC Review

    August 27, 2013 by AndImBatman

    With Apocalypse out it shows me that summer is too. Every 2 years I get the satisfaction of the final new maps from Treyarchs chest of awesomeness. Now we are going over the newest DLC, Apocalypse. With new maps of Dig, Frost, Pod and Takeoff, with a brand new steampunk edition of Zombies, Origins.

    The map based off of the World at War map Courtyard. This map is in my opinion your typical Black Ops 2 map, SMG oriented. I despise every map like this because we already have at least 12 of them. There is little room to breath with a assault rifle and sniping is like expecting a 2 day old baby to say telekinesis. Now, what stops me from putting anything lower than a 5 on Dig is how tactical this map is. You have to check your corners, stay stra…

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  • AndImBatman

    So the DLC Vengeance came out and I must say, this was a big one. 4 new maps, Cove, Uplink, Detour and the over-played Rush. These maps come with a brand new kick-ass zombies map, Buried. Let's start with Multiplayer.

    Cove is a small rather unique map, as in it has pop culture references such as and the map Hijacked. Cove reminded me of the Call of Duty: World at War map Banzai, a very unique, new, and different maps, something no one has seen. This map was genius, balanced (to a degree, SMGs are pretty safe in this one), and great.

    Rating: 10/10

    Uplink is the remake of the map Summit from Call of Duty: Black Ops. This map brought so many great things back from one of the most loved maps in the Call of Duty Series (sorry Shipment). The map i…

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  • AndImBatman

    I joined this wiki on March 13, 2012. I never thought I would actually get as connected as I have and I also do not know whether or not it as healthy. I actually "stumbled" upon the wiki around December 2009, when I used it solely for strategies and general information about COD. I never bothered to create a account here until March, when I felt that I should finally join the community after seeing what the community actually is like. I remember exactly how to, I would constantly zoom in a image on each page for a better look at the picture, most of the time I noticed either "Crazy Sam10" or "Callofduty4", I managed to actually decide to click on the links followed and got to there talk page, where I decided to read every last thing on it.…

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