I joined this wiki on March 13, 2012. I never thought I would actually get as connected as I have and I also do not know whether or not it as healthy. I actually "stumbled" upon the wiki around December 2009, when I used it solely for strategies and general information about COD. I never bothered to create a account here until March, when I felt that I should finally join the community after seeing what the community actually is like. I remember exactly how to, I would constantly zoom in a image on each page for a better look at the picture, most of the time I noticed either "Crazy Sam10" or "Callofduty4", I managed to actually decide to click on the links followed and got to there talk page, where I decided to read every last thing on it. The first thing that shocked me was how a majority were bronies like me, the next thing that shocked me was how nice and fun the community looked. I decided to give it a try.

When I first joined I saw what was expected, the joke of my Username. "AndImBatman" came from a time when I was at a Halloween Party dressed as batman and I was so drunk I fell through a window on the lower level of the building, I didn't get hurt since the bushes assisted the only 8-foot fall. From then on I was called "Asher the Batman" among my friends, so that's how I got my name.

Skipping ahead, I was always shy, so I normally stood quiet until Summer hit, then I started getting more involved with everything. Throughout Summer and even Fall I had a plentiful of problems caused. I would personally like to say sorry to those involved in those things and that you have taught me a lot more moral lessons than I could learn on the internet. Not saying you have taught me literally everything, but you gave me a moral purpose here, and I thank you.

I would like to say some personal mentions to the users that have helped me out in the wiki, and I hope to seeing them alot more in the future of the wiki. Anyone I left out, don't worry because you will always have a friendship with me and the rest of the wikians I have mentioned.


The Antibrony

Crazy Sam10







DBD Abyss



TUBW because I am to lazy to type the full name again






And everyone else.

Thank you all for the support and fun you have gave me this past year, you have become part of my life and I appreciate it. Thank you, --Personal AndImBatman Sig imageBats a.k.a Rarity Filly  00:00, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

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