Hi, this is just a theory puzzle I am trying to solve here about the character in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Frank Woods and how he stayed alive. Now, this blog may be short, but I just want to explain my theory on how he stayed alive all the way to the upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

So, in the mission Payback, Woods kills Lev Kravchenko, Dragovich's second in command, however, Lev goes down with a fight. He pulls his grenade belt in an effort to kill himself, and everyone in the area. Woods, already hanging on to him, pulls him off-screen, where there is an explosion. Now, since Woods knew about it completely, he could of let go of him almost as soon as he jumped off-screen, letting him live. Now, people disregard the part of the "Shadow" of Woods being shown to mason, followed by Reznov humorously saying "are you okay?". This doesn't add up, as how can woods's shadow be the illusion of an illusion? It's because it was woods. Woods tried to help Mason, but failed. He moved on, and was captured by Vietnamese while trying to find a way out, Woods could of lifted Mason, but it was too much, he had to leave him behind.

Mason was to (pardon my language) fucked up in the head to understand that Woods was there but passed out, and had the illusion of Reznov reappearing to help Mason. Where was Reznov? Why didn't he help Woods? Already solved questions. Thats basically it on my theory, thank you for listening, and if you have any questions then see you in the Comment section below!

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