Hai everybody. I am here today to select in categorization the best geart you can possibly have for yourself in Black Ops 2, I will be going through the Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaign in this exciting guideline for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Now, as all of you know, the SMGs are the most useful tools in the game, I am here to tell you that only a select few of them are actually good, I will pick 5 Guns, A few equipments, a Semtex, and 10 Scorestreak Combos you can use to make you have a genuis use of the guns treyarch gave you.



The M27 is probably the best gun to pick from in this category. It is unlocked at a relatively low level (31) and has a great Fire Rate and Damage for your gun, I recomend in Attachments the ACOG sight because if anything the M27 has a range problem. It is not accurate at long rage unless you burst fire. But the ACOG sight will give the best use of the gun if you like being a sniper, but hate the snipers. Next is FMJ, now I said the Damage is good, but not as good as your competitors. The FMJ will make this weapon a klling machine, and that is all about that, and finally, GRIP. Grip is used for the accuracy you will require for the long range, not only that...but also during CQB it is a pretty useful tool to help your M27.


Now many people think the SCAR-H is bad, but it isn't. The first time I used it I was like "THIS GUN IS SHIT ITS RECOIL IS RETARDED", but it isn't. It has bad accuracy, but without its sights, and having something like a reflex it is a flawless gun. It's recoil is great if you have a Lazer Sight on it. I personally perfer the EOTech sight for this because it assists in long range AND your accuracy. FMJ is needed because, well I just fucking love FMJ, and hey, why not more damage?


Ah, yes...the most useless gun in the game according to Machinima and IGN, this gun with Select Fire is nothing short of a Vector but an AR, even without it it is still amazing at long range. This gun is great. However it is the least recomended gun out of this pack, it is still a wonderful gun for those Burst Fire guys out there. Simple as it is, a Target Finder Sight for quick shooting with Burst and Select Fire for enormously good Fire Ratings.


This is personally my favorite weapon. I have a solid 1.10 KD with it myself, and I don't use that nubby Reflex on it, noooooooo I use the mischeivous and wonderful lazer sight and Suppresor. This gun has enough fire power and range as it is, but its accuracy is horrible, the Lazer Sight will fix that right up! The suppresor is another excellent tool for it because whenever you shoot it, it is loud, and can easily give away your spot. This gun is by far the best you can use in any situation.


Now, as you have noticed, the MTAR is great just by me adding it. Here is my explanation, the MTARs stats are the second worst of any AR in the game, however I have a 2.00 KD with it because no one uses it, thus I get an edge. This gun is by far one of the best, due to its Large Fire Rate and medium Damage, this gun is amazing for any gamer, and gametype, and overall anything. It's best attachments include EOTech to improve its range and the FMJ for better Damage.


You DO NOT know how much I love this gun, it looks orgasmic, and its style of shooting is arguably my favorite in all of COD. However, the one thing that bugged me was its burst, this gun is horrid with Burst Fire, so..get select fire. Select Fire is the best tool for this gun, and quite frankly, any other attachment is good. So, "I'll let you choose". (Someone in comments tell me the refernece, I want to know who got that right!)


Shock Charge

If the EMP Grenade and the Claymore had a baby, this will be the outcome. The Shock Charge is a deadly device that shocks your enemy. It is stickable, placable, and lethalable (is that a word?). It is pretty useful for setting up camp in objective-based modes (Dom, HQ, Hardpoint ect ect) and definetly useful to defend yourself or give yourself time to kill the enemy. I love this thing.

Black Hat PDA

This weapon is what I nicknamed the "Trololol PDA", because you can steal Care Packages in an instant, disable any device, and just overall hack your enemies guns. This thing is madness! I love it! Simple enough, its useful for disabling and saving your ass, or pissing off your teamate.


Now, I am handing you 7 Combinations I find the best for gamers in certain suites. This one will be short on words, because I am short on time *Shrug*. Lets begin

RC-XD, Dragonfire, Swarm --- This combo is for people that like to camp, the Swarm is so your camping comes to use against the enemies that refuse to come to you.

Care Package, AGR, Lodestar--- This is for the Equipment Junkies, these guys are the ones that like to use every possible way to kill you, something random, a robot, and 30 Predator Drones, Seems good nuff'.

Gaurdian, Orbital VSAT, K9 Unit --- This is for the guys that like Objective Based modes. Bassically it.

Hellstorm Missile, Warthog, Swarm --- This is for run and gunners, who just want to kill you, over...and over...and over...and over again.

UAV, Sentry Gun, Orbital VSAT --- This is for the players that like to help there team in every way. Wether defense or Recon.

Counter-UAV, EMP Systems, Warthog --- This is for the people that like to piss off the enemy team. If you have seen the Warthog you would know why I added it here.

UAV, Gaurdian, VTOL --- Tihs is for the snipers, they want to see where there enemies are, have protection, and are able to beat the crap out of you.


Here we go, zombies. This tells you simply the best Perks, and best guns (10 guns) for the game mode Tranzit, I will not provide reasoning as, well your just killing zombies. Lets begin..



Ray Gun (YDS)





R-870 MCS (Found on Farm)

Five-Seven Dual Weild




Juggernaut = Obvious one, next

Stamin-Up = Now, this one helps alot because put it simply, this is tranzit, you are going to run ALOT. No doubt about it.

Tombstone = I don't entirely reccomend this one, but if you have a camping spot, i suggest you grab this so you can also grab your weapons when you die!

Speed Cola = In tranzit, alot of intense shooting and zombie killing will be going on, reload fast, or die in a flash!


Now, let me finish this off with the campaign.


That is all your choice and not mine. But just remember to always have the Access Kit.


Thank you all for reading this! To any who do, I would like to say I worked hard on this and you all use it to be the best COD Player EVER! Personal AndImBatman Sig imageBats a.k.a Rarity Filly  03:26, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

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