Hello everyone, I am batman and today I am here to review the new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Die Rise. Set in a apocalyptic Shanghai, China, the four characters embark into a skyscraper fighting waves and waves of zombies, the usual stuff.


Now, to start this review I would like to say that this is my opinion, and if you have a different opinion on the map, please leave a comment below.

So when I first played to Die Rise at 6 in the morning sitting in my sleepy-chair, I discovered that the spawn was entirely different from what I depicted, now the map is great because it has 4 areas the zombies can come out of, making this a 4-player based map, which I always liked. The map brought back the feel that I was actually playing zombies, it was survival, there was wonder-weapons, and most of all, there was no damn bus or zero camping spots like Tranzit, this map has to be the best map since Call of the Dead. I am going to cover the new gadgets on the map, and then the maps over all.


The elevators is a great tool for this map, it helps open the fact that you're in a skyscraper. What's cool is that the perks are also in the elevator, which is just genius. Several elevators you can use to get to different areas around the map, sometimes elevators are the only way to get to certain places around the maps. I wish the elevators had a bigger use in the easter egg but they didn't. Still a great new thing for the zombies series, I hope to see more of it later.

Idea rating: 8.8/10


Also known as the squirt gun to dem merikans, the Sliqufier is once again a useless weapon came up by Treyarch to replace a wonder-weapon. Seriously, you didn't think I would give this map a positive for everything, did you? This gun is horrible, not only do the parts move to several different locations, the weapon itself is a waste of space, sure maybe with Mule Kick it could be good but the gun stinks! It literally is just makes zombies slip and fall over for 30 seconds before they get back up again and kill you. The gun, like the Jet Gun, was a stupid decision on Treyarch, the Jet Gun was as anticipated, but it lasts for about a minute before you have to remake it, we want something like that, but it doesn't dissapear! In conclusion, and for the TL:DR people, yeah it sucks.

Idea Rating: 3.2/10

Who's Who

WHOS WHO. WHOS WHO. Ahhhh, when I first saw this perk I was like "swweeeet" but then I noticed how bad it was. It is useless in solo, and it is a horrible clutch-tool for higher rounds, contrary to popular belief. The perk is good until round 12 and even then if you fall down an elevator or get crushed, you start with a pistol instead of everything back. What a waste of money! Might as well of fall down a cliff with a camera and taking pictures of yourself before you die thinking, "I am so posting this on Instagram!" It is a waste of time, is what I am trying to say. But in this case, money. On a side note, you get all your perks back, so I'll add a few points to that.

Idea rating: 5.5/10


Hate em, to much damage they take in, worse then this guy. NEXT.

Idea Rating: 1/10

AN-94 and the PDW-57

This was a great idea on Treyarchs part, the PDW-57 is a overpowered gun that think it is all that, while the AN-94 is what the AK-47 was in Modern Warfare 2, bad but good at the same time. So this is 3Arcs idea, lets put these guns, make the AN-94 overpowered, and PDW horrible! This idea was such a good idea that my jaw dropped when I discovered I made it to round 22 using both of them with the MP5 (mule kick, yo). Nobody could understand the beauty that is the combo, AN-94 and PDW. Good on ya, Treyarch.

Idea Rating: 10/10 would bang (c wut I did thar?)


The map could have been better, and zombies still needs improvement. I would still prefer the WAW and BO maps over the last two zombies maps treyarch has made for Black Ops 2. This map was better then Tranzit, yes. But I had to many expectations for it. But it is still a pretty good map in general, good innovation and good techniques for the map, it felt like zombies again, just a little more of a push and you'll get there Treyarch!

Map Rating: 8.5/10

Bye everyone, have a wonderful day! Personal AndImBatman Sig imageBats a.k.a Rarity Filly  01:08, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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