This entire page is SPECULATION that me and Slav help create based on the Call of Duty: Ghosts single player plotline and missions. All the information is SPECULATION and should not be added to the pages unless aboslutely concrete. If anybody wants to include any information feel free to write a comment or message me and I will ad it!

Mission Information

Ghosts Stories - ODIN Space Station

This mission involves how it all began, and the capture of the ODIN space station, playing as Kyra Mosley


Brave New World - Santa Monica, California

This mission involves getting to Fort Santa Monica playing as Logan Walker


No Man's Land - San Diego ODIN Strike Ground Zero, California

Mission already shown and known


Struck Down - San Diego, California

Mission already shown and known Dragunov_Silencer_on_tripod_CODG.png

Homecoming - Los Angeles, California

Homecoming involves you defending Los Angeles as Logan. It will also involve A-10 Strafes in the mission.


Legends Never Die - Atacama Desert,Chile

The mission involves hunting down Almargo while you are playing as either Booth, Neptune, Booth's partner or Logan. Almagro is either hiding or trying to escape in a vehicle. According to achievements it is possible that that it takes place on the Atacama Coast starting on a ship of some sorts. 640px-M1A2_Abrams_air_assault_CODG.png

Federation Day - Caracas, Venezuela

Mission already shown and known--- gather intel on Rorke in Caracas skyscraper. Putting_on_the_mask_Federation_Day_CODG.png


Birds of Prey - Rorke was obviously the main problem in the previous missions and Birds of Prey and your capturing means a helicopter is involved, the mission is likely in either Caracas Venezuela or a other place in a city.

The mission involves being in a helicopter chasing down Rorke playing as either Booth, Neptune, Booth's Partner or Logan.


The Hunted - Directly after Birds of Prey so either in the forests of Venezuela or Brazil.


Remnants of the friendly plane that was transporting Rorke
Location of the mission

The mission involves getting away from the Federation in a stealth mode or going loud while playing as either Booth, Neptune, Booth's Partner or Logan. Mainly set in jungle. Rorke presumably escapes.

Clockwork is based at the Punta Arentas Oil Rig in Chile


The mission involves hacking into a naval database while playing as either Booth, Neptune, Booth's Partner or Logan

Atlas Falls. It is very likely this is in a Caribbean Island like Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, or the Bahamas. Other candidates include Santa Marta, Colombia and Maracaibo, Venezuela

The mission involves distracting the Federation Fleet while playing as Booth. F/A-18 Hornets and Y-8 are expected to be seen. Mission starts on a aircraft carrier.

Into the Deep - Somewhere in the Caribbean Ocean


The mission involves destroying several LCSs in the Federation's fleet while playing as Booth.

End of the Line - Final mission in the Carribean/Southern America, involves destroying a factory in either Brazil, Cuba, or another tropical area

The mission involves storming a factory while playing as either Logan, Ajax, Hesh or Booth. Involves entering the base/factory, stealing info and ultimatively destroying it. Area known as "Black Zone" mentioned.

Sin City - Las Vegas, Nevada

This mission involves planning the next move on The Federation while playing as either Logan, Ajax, Hesh or Booth

All or Nothing - A unknown location in either the Caribbean or along South Americas Coast

Unknown, only picture we have is one and we have no idea what it entails other than grappling hooks and the US Navy. gMgJS1r.png

Severed Ties - Either Caribbean or South America

The Mission is started directly after All or Nothing and entails the same exact setting as the previous mission as well. Similar to Modern Warfare 2s missions.

Loki - Space, Space, Space

The mission involves taking THOR Space Station while playing as any of the characters I mentioned before.

The Ghost Killer - A train at a unknown location



Very sorry for the sloppiness, I will try to improve if it becomes to much of a problem. Hope everyone enjoyed the large spoilers! If you have any questions feel free to do so in the comments!


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