So as many of you know, Call of Duty: Ghosts was released. Being COD, it automatically gets hate. However, Ghosts has had a special perimeter of hate. Several of which range from ridiculous or hypocritical. What I am going to do is pinpoint every piece of the hate of it, and explain on how ridiculous the hate is. Let's begin.

One: Because it is COD

Every since Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty has been hated, now, it has had its stereotypes before, but real HATE started to come around 2010. Unjustifiable hate for a game that has millions of fans is a common thing among successful franchises. Most of the time they bring out good points, but for COD, not so much. Let's break it down.

1. The Community - First, the Community has NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the game. Call of Duty is a competitive game, children enjoy it because it's simpleness but that has nothing to do with the game itself. It is M for mature. I fucking hate the annoying children with a passion but really, it has nothing to do with the game. Plus, next person that sees COD and makes a mom joke is going to get their throat slit with a fucking glue gun.

2. Lack of Graphics - Call of Duty runs on a different engine than every other game. It's engine is constantly modified just to keep in touch with the other games and their graphics. The graphics are made for COD, CODs graphics are not made for pokemon, they are not made for fucking Battlefield. They are made for COD. Plus, all I fucking hear is how Pokemon/Zelda/Any game from the 90s doesn't need good graphics to be good but then they will hate COD for shit graphics. Do me and humanity a favor, stop being a hypocritical dumbass. Thank you.

3. Lack of Originality/New things - My favorite. Not only is this hypocritical, it is also ridiculous. Call of Duty is known for being the "same shit different year." Now, let me fucking tell you something. You go to Burger King, why do you go to burger king? You like the fucking food, okay, so you go multiple times for the same thing right? Yeah you do. Well guess what motherfucker, fuck your fries, here is a potato, because we have to be original, bitch.

Not to mention that Pokemon, Zelda, Battlefield (4), Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and Saints Row are all mostly rehashed games with a few new features, but people gave them positive reviews. In short terms, you are all hypocritical idiots and I am glad I don't see you on this game.

The formula works! If the formula doesn't fucking work people would not still play COD. Every day, more and more people play Call of Duty. Every day, Activision is getting more and more money from Call of Duty. Why get rid of something when it is not broking? Not to mention that Call of Duty is constantly modified with each game, it always feel new. Ghosts is a good example of this, because so much new shit arrived but it got shit on. Maybe because cynical british people are getting more popular, maybe Destructoid realized they fucked up giving Pokemon X/Y a negative review so gave COD a worse review. Maybe people that play COD are faggots? Well then, sign me up for the LGBT, bitch.

Two: The Ending to COD:Ghosts

Why, oh why, oh why is this getting so much fucking hate? People are ranting like fucking Kanye after they saw the ending. For people who want to know the ending and/or ignored my disclaimer, the ending involves you shooting and killing Rorke and Almargo, you shoot Rorke in the chest, and this is followed by the train crashing in the water. Suddenly, Rorke survives and attacks you and Hesh, Rorke drags you to a unknown location and the game ends. What the fuck is wrong with this ending? Let me clarify:

Rorke was shot in the stomach, or, he was supposed to be, anyone can survive a shot in the stomach if they are trained for that sort of thing, or was Rorke never fucking trained for taking a bullet? I guess he wasn't a fucking soldier. Anyway, anyone can survive that, he was exhausted when he tried to get you guys, he even had a hard time dragging Logan away. Obviously he was severely injured, but determined. This is the definition of a bad guy.

Next, the post credits scene. I just, is just a way to show that Ghosts is going to extend to another sequel, so quit whining about it you fucking idiots.

Three: It is a old series

Pokemon, Battlefield, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Halo, Zelda, Sonic, Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Assassins Creed, Medal of Honor, Counter-Strike, Forza...need I say more?

Four: Lack of SnD/anything MLG Related

In the words of OpTic SniPez: Good, we need a challenge.

So, in short; MLG Gamers don't give a fuck. They will play fucking anything. And boohoo, you don't have your Search and Destroy, so sad, not like you can't play another fucking gamemode.

And CODCaster? Please, just shut the fuck up, MLG gamers haven't had CODCaster for more than one year, they can care less.

All of these people bitching are just subscribers or people loyal to MLG Gamers, well, go ahead and don't buy the game or hate it, might as ell hate you idols too, since they love it. Lol.


Glad to get that all out of my system. Now, if you have anything else that I appear to have missed you are free to comment below, and I will gladly agree with you or counter it.

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